• How many screens will consumers buy and how will each be used?
  • How are consumers using mobile phones, smartphones and tablets today, and how will these usage patterns change in the future?
  • What is the optimal configuration of mobile devices for meeting target consumer needs and preferences? Which form factors, input mechanisms, features and experiences?
  • Which current devices provide the experiences that most closely meet user needs, and what unmet needs still exist?
  • What are the best practice guidelines for producing a superior user experience?

Mobile_Device_UX About Mobile Device UX

The rapid proliferation of smartphones, tablets and other connected devices, and the soaring adoption of mobile and wireless internet services continues to reshape patterns of consumer behavior. In turn, these changing patterns will have a significant impact on future purchase decisions. The Strategy Analytics Wireless Device Lab is recognized throughout the industry for our in-depth analysis of consumer behaviors, preferences and choices for mobile and wireless devices globally. We study and analyze the experiences of the consumer as they interact with technology in every domain.

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