Author: Woody Oh

Publication Date: Nov 28 2017

Pages: 9

Report Type: Presentation, PowerPoint

 Smartphone Country Share

Oppo Needs More Profits, and is Widening its Market into Japan and Russia

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Report Summary:

Oppo has been keeping world's no.4 smartphone vendor position, by volume, for almost two years, but is struggling to lift up its operating profits / margin as this Chinese vendor has not found big markets to sell the higher-priced smartphones. Oppo is expected to enter into Japan smartphone market in H1 2018 while this vendor is re-entering Russia market recently. Will the profits-driven strategy pay off? How is the market status of Japan and Russia looking like? 

Table of Contents

- Oppo’s Major Market as of H2 2017
- Big Markets for Oppo to Enter or Re-focus in coming quarters
- Japan : Important Market for Oppo in 2018
- Russia : Re-Focusing from Q4 2017
- Conclusions & Recommendations

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