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Author: Ken Hyers

Publication Date: Aug 24 2012

Pages: 10

Report Type: Metrics, Excel

 Handset Country Share

Japan Smartphone Vendor Market Share Q2 2012

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Report Summary:

Japan is one of the most valuable markets in the world. Smartphone shipments in the country grew annually but fell -10% sequentially due to seasonality. Leader Fujitsu lost a huge 9 points of marketshare in one quarter and it is coming under pressure from Samsung and Sony. Sharp also struggled because of a lackluster Android portfolio. This report tracks handset and smartphone shipments by multiple vendors in Japan from Q3 2009 through Q2 2012.

Table of Contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Contents
    3. Analysis
    4. PivotTable
    5. Japan Handset Vendor Share
    6. Japan Smartphone Vendor Share
    7. Definitions of Smartphone and Other Terms
    8. Methodology
    9. Analyst Contacts

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