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Author: Ken Hyers

Publication Date: Aug 24 2012

Pages: 11

Report Type: Metrics, Excel

 Handset Country Share

Japan Handset Vendor Marketshare by Operator Q2 2012

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Report Summary:

Japan handset shipments grew +4% annually in Q2 2012. Sharp continued to collapse as Samsung and Sony gained traction at two of the big three operators. Domestic vendors had a disappointing quarter, allowing overseas brands to capture more than a third of the market. This report tracks handset vendor marketshare by quarter at all major operators in Japan, including NTT Docomo, Softbank and KDDI. The report can be used by handset vendors, component makers, content developers, vehicle manufacturers and others to identify winners and losers by carrier in the high-value Japanese mobile market.

Table of Contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Analysis
    3. Pivot Table
    4. Japan Vendor Share
    5. Operator Share
    6. Methodology
    7. Contacts

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