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Author: Linda Sui

Publication Date: May 14 2012

Pages: 6

Report Type: Insight, Word

 Emerging Devices

ZTE and Huawei Expanding Up-Market from Solid Low-End Base

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Report Summary:

ZTE and Huawei together shipped 30 million handsets during Q1 2012, accounting for 8% of total global volumes. Smartphones have become an important segment for the two vendors, and they have swiftly emerged as the top two Chinese players with a sizeable global presence in 2G feature phones and 3G smartphones alike. ZTE and Huawei are now initiating the next phase of their expansion, targeting mid-range and up-market devices that leverage Android or Microsoft platforms. Improving their brand equity and balancing between volumes and profits will be the key issues for the two Chinese companies to address on the way up.

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