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VENDOR SHARE North America Handset Vendor Marketshare Q4 2012

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Report Summary:

Mobile phone shipments grew +3% annually in North America during the holiday-season fourth quarter of 2012. Apple became the number one mobile phone vendor in the United States for the first time ever. Huawei crept quietly up into fourth position. Apple surged to a record high in the LTE segment. This report contains quarterly handset shipments and marketshare by 2G / 3G / 4G technologies for the top 17 vendors in the USA and Canada from 2004 to Q4 2012. It is a valuable tool for all stakeholders who want to track the influential US and Canada markets.

Table of Contents

    1. Title Page
    3. North America
    4. USA
    5. Canada
    6. Methodology
    7. Contacts

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