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Author: Woody Oh

Publication Date: Jan 31 2013

Pages: 6

Report Type: Metrics, Word

 Emerging Devices

Q4 ’12 LG LTE shipments provide margin boost

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Report Summary:

LG global handset shipments were down -13% annually in Q4 2012. LG is experiencing strong competitive pressure from Samsung and Chinese vendors, but it did well to turn a profit for the quarter due to strong shipments of high-end smartphones such as the Optimus G, L-series 3G phones and Nexus 4, and relatively strong LTE/4G unit shipments. LG is expected to strengthen its investment in premium LTE smartphones with Optimus G/G pro, mid-end LTE smartphones with F-series and 3G with L-series down the road in order to regain its position and remain positive when it comes to profits and marketshare.

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