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Author: Linda Sui

Publication Date: Aug 09 2012

Pages: 14

Report Type: Presentation, PowerPoint

 Emerging Devices

Global Handset Subsidy Forecast by Region

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Report Summary:

Handset subsidies offered by operators worldwide remain volatile. Some countries are investing more in subsidies, while others are trying to spend less. How big is the global handset subsidy market today? How much subsidy does each region capture? How much subsidy share do smartphones and postpaid handsets capture? Will operator subsidies rise, plateau or fall in 2013? How will operator subsidies affect handset vendors such as Apple or component makers like Sharp? This report answers those questions and more.

Table of Contents

  • Title Page
  • Contents Page
  • Introduction Page
  • Definitions
  • Global Handset Subsidy Spend by Region
  • Global Subsidized Handset Sales by Region
  • Global Average Subsidy Per Subsidized Handset by Region
  • Global Subsidized Handset Sales by Device Type
  • Global Subsidy Spend by Device Type
  • Global Average Subsidy by Device Type
  • Global Subsidized Handset Sales by Postpaid vs. Prepaid
  • Global Handset Subsidy Spend by Postpaid vs. Prepaid
  • Summary & Conclusions
  • Analyst Contacts

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