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5G's Dirty Little Secret: Subsidies Must Return

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Report Summary:

5G is the next major transition for smartphone vendors. As with every major technology transition before, whether moving from 2G to 3G or from feature phones and early smartphones to touch-screen smartphones, the transition will be disruptive for smartphone makers and their supply chain. In addition to the uncertain demand and unproven use cases, many questions remain for 5G. How can 5G devices close the gap to equally capable Gigabit devices? What portion of the Chinese market can be served with $800+ devices? Which vendors will drop out of the top 5/10 by missing the 5G window? Is Huawei most at risk? Can LG gain? How quickly can 5G devices reach 50% of global smartphone sales, compared to the 5 years from introduction for 4G LTE? Will subsidies be needed for 5G devices and how much?  Will 5G be only for the privileged elite in China given device prices? Which vendor will break from premium 5G devices and disrupt the market?

Table of Contents

1. Title & Summary
3. Executive Summary
6. Global 5G Smartphone Volumes Grow from a Slow Start
6. How Will National Priorities Drive 5G?
9. What Share of the 5G Bonanza will be captured by Chinese Chip Makers?
10. How Are 5G Device Tactics Driven by Vendors' Larger Device Strategy?
12. Who will Win and Who will Lose in the Transition to 5G?
15. Conclusions & Recommendations

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