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US 5G Awareness & Smartphone Brand Preferences

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Report Summary:

Sales of smartphones have been declining steadily across major mature markets as consumers defer upgrading their current phones for ever longer periods.We are at the dawn of the 5G era in the US and globally. Coverage is patchy and devices limited today but a wave of new models and broader coverage are just on the horizon.

This report:

  • Explores if 5G services and devices can slow down or reverse the decline in replacement?
  • Probes what use cases or benefits are most appealing to those who are familiar with 5G?
  • Evaluates what impact consumers expect 5G to have on the price of smartphones?
  • Maps which vendors are perceived to be leaders in 5G?
  • Determines brand preferences and the brand funnel for 5G smartphones

Table of Contents

Introduction and Methodology                                                                            1-5
Executive Summary                                                                                           6
US 5G Smartphone  Awareness &  Device Price Expectations                        7-15
US 5G Smartphone Motivations and Drivers                                                    16-29
US 5G Smartphone Brand Preferences                                                            30-37
Conclusions                                                                                                       38
Key Questions to Investigate                                                                             40
Other Research                                                                                                 41
How Can We Help You?                                                                                    42
Contacts                                                                                                            43


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