• How fast will LTE and 5G phone shipments grow?

  • What are the high-growth enabling techs for component makers?

  • When will foldable displays takeoff?

  • Where are the future device profit pools?

  • Attach-rates for Bluetooth headsets, accessories?

  • How will refurbished smartphones evolve?

  • When will drones and consumer robots be mainstream?

Device Technologies

About Device Technologies

Our Emerging Device Technologies (EDT) service analyzes the attach rates, volumes, and pace of innovation in technology powering a wide range of smartphones and smart devices.

The EDT industry experts track and forecast:

  • Air Interface (4G / 5G) forecasts by smartphones across 88 countries
  • Enabling technologies, including AI, sensors, biometrics, and new display types
  • Advanced camera imaging, audio, and video technologies
  • Analysis and forecasts of emerging devices by form factor (e.g. foldable phones)
  • Manufacturing locations of smartphones by country or factory
  • Drones and consumer robots, and related technologies
  • Refurbished and secondhand smartphone forecasts

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