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Smart Switches, Sockets, and Plugs: Products, Players, Predictions - December 2019

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Report Summary:

Smart switches, sockets, and plugs are among the first devices consumers purchase to experiment with real-time control and customization as well as programmed scenes and routines. Lower prices and widespread availability will help hundreds of millions of these devices find their way into homes, and the simple setup and ease of use makes their appeal nearly universal. However, creating sustainable business models will be challenging for all but the largest companies, even as the market continues to grow, as increased competition drives down pricing and technology-based differentiators disappear over time.

This report assesses the impact of these trends on a regional basis, analyzes the competitive landscape, details Strategy Analytics' long-term outlook for this aspect of the global smart home market, supplemented by Strategy Analytics' forecasts for smart home electrical device units shipped and consumer spending.

Table of Contents

Market Overview and Outlook
Device Segment Overviews: Switches (Dimmers and Standard)
Device Segment Overviews: Sockets and Plugs
Global Overview

- Global Forecast Data and Analysis
- Global Consumer Units
- Global Consumer Spending
US Overview
- US Forecast Data and Analysis
- US Consumer Units
- US Consumer Spending
Western Europe Overview
- Western Europe Forecast Data and Analysis
- Western Europe Consumer Units
- Western Europe Consumer Spending
Asia Pacific Overview
- Asia Pacific Forecast Data and Analysis
- Asia Pacific Consumer Units
- Asia Pacific Consumer Spending
Rest of World Overview
- Rest of World Forecast Data and Analysis
- Rest of World Consumer Units
- Rest of World Consumer Spending
Vendor Analysis
- Power Players
- Other Competitors
Trends to Monitor
Questions for Further Consideration
How Can We Help You?
Support Across the Strategic Planning Cycle
Countries Included in Each Region

- Western Europe (WE)
- Asia Pacific (APAC)
- Rest of World (RoW)
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