Author: William Ablondi

Publication Date: Apr 01 2019

Pages: 27

Report Type: Presentation, PowerPoint

 Smart Home

Smart Home Market Update Presentation

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Report Summary:

This presentation was delivered on Tuesday, March 27 at Leedarson’s 2019 Smart Solution Summit in Düsseldorf, Germany. The presentation provides a general overview of the global smart home market with a focus on Western Europe. In addition, it provides a high level comparison of 8 smart home platforms including Leedarson’s new Arnoo platform.

Attendees were from smart home device manufacturers, service providers, software developers and smart home platform providers. In addition, there were representatives from the Zigbee and Z-Wave Alliances.

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Table of Contents


State of the Smart Home Market

  • Key Events in 2018
  • Trends Unfolding in 2019
    • Technology
    • Market Dynamics

The Competitive Landscape

  • Initiatives of Big Tech Firms
  • Initiatives of Selected Regional Firms
    • Protocol Trends

Market Outlook and Forecast

  • Regional Comparisons
  • Key Applications in the Smart Home

Comparisons of Smart Home Platforms

Leedarson’s Arnoo Platform and the Competition

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