Author: William Ablondi

Publication Date: Jul 31 2014

Pages: 8

Report Type: Insight, Word

 Smart Home

Handicapping the US Smart Home Horserace

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Report Summary:

A couple of years ago the question was: “Is it a market?” Now the question is: “Who’s going to win?” In the first half of 2014 there has been a tremendous amount of activity in the Smart Home market. This INSIGHT focuses on activity in the US including Google’s Nest acquiring Dropcam, iControl buying Blacsumac the developer of Piper, Quirky spinning off Wink and making it available in Home Depot, Apple introducing HomeKit, the introduction of the Thread Group and Samsung’s rumoured purchase of SmartThings. These headline activities occurring amidst the ongoing activities of Lowe’s, Nortek and Staples. The Smart Home market in the US is moving from high-end pricy A/V and control systems and neat hobbyist DIY projects to cool stuff for everyone. This report is an assessment of recent announcements, initiatives and current market dynamics in the US Smart Home market with an eye on which firms are best positioned to win.

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