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Author: William Ablondi
Publication Date: Dec 17 2015
Pages: 66
Report Type: Report, Word
Smart Home

Digital Healthcare in the Smart Home

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Report Summary:

The growing costs of care due to a fast-aging population and the subsequent rise of cases of chronic diseases call for more sustainable means of care delivery. Remote monitoring of consumers at home has been discussed as a potential remedy. With consumers and their homes becoming more digitally versed and legal frameworks changing, this report assesses whether the time for remote consumer monitoring has finally arrived and identifies key opportunities.
Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2.  Moving Healthcare and Welfare Services Closer to the Living Room
2.1          The Challenges of an Aging Society

2.1.1      Moving Healthcare into the Home with the Help of IT

2.1.2      Expanding the Concept of Smart Home into Wellbeing and Health

2.2          Defining the Market for Remote Monitoring Services in the Home

2.2.1      Remote Patient Monitoring at Home     

2.2.2      Home Telecare

3.            Market Dynamics of Consumer Monitoring at Home

3.1          Market Drivers

3.2          Market Inhibitors

4.            Market Outlook               

5.            The Competitive Landscape

5.1          An Evolving Ecosystem 

5.2          Major Categories of the Market               

5.3          Remote Consumer Monitoring Solutions             

5.4          Consumers only Pay if a Solution Adds Value

5.5          Selected Vendor Profiles

5.5.1      Profile of

5.5.2      Profile of AT&T Inc.

5.5.3      Profile of BodyTel GmbH

5.5.4      Profile of Deutsche Telekom

5.5.5      Profile of GrandCare Systems

5.5.6      Profile of LifeWatch Services, Inc.

5.5.7      Profile of Tieto

5.5.8      Profile of Tunstall Healthcare (UK) Limited

6.            Care at Home – Examples of Monitoring Consumers at Home and Teleconsultations

6.1          Home Telecare and Remote Monitoring Use Cases

6.1.1      Tieto – Someone Watching Out for You

6.1.2      Home Telecare in Scotland

6.1.3      VictoryaHome – a Robot with a Human Face

6.1.4      Cogknow − Helping Patients with Mild Dementia

6.1.5      Targeting Loneliness among the Elderly

6.1.6      Japan’s Remote Patient Monitoring Efforts Save Lives of Tsunami Victims

6.2          Can the Living Room Replace the Doctor’s Office? Insights from Teleconsultations

6.2.1      NHS 24: Nurses Triaging Patients over the Phone

6.2.2      Profiling Medgate: Doctors Treating Patients Remotely over the Phone

7.            Glossary

8.            Contact the author of this report



2 1 Changes in World’s Population by Age Group 2015 – 20150 (thousands)

2 2 Illustration of the Remote Patient Monitoring Concepts

2 3 Most commonly used Sensors and Devices for Remote Patient Monitoring

2 4 Most commonly used Home Telecare Sensors

2 5 The Concept of HomeTelecare

3 1 Digital Healthcare Market Forecast by Region with Global Totals

4 1 Selected  Players in the Home Monitoring Field

4 2 Comparing Remote Patient Monitoring with Home Telecare Solutions            

4 3 Factsheet             

4 4 Factsheet AT&T

4 5 Factsheet BodyTel GmbH

4 6 Factsheet Deutsche Telekom             

4 7 Factsheet GrandCare Systems

4 8 Factsheet LifeWatch Services, Inc.

4 9 Factsheet Tieto

4 10 Factsheet Tunstall Healthcare (UK) Limited

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