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Advanced Presence Sensing in the Smart Home: Technologies, Applications, and Trends

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Report Summary:

Advancements made by established and start-up components manufacturers and smart home device and software companies with regards to advanced sensing are helping accelerate the transition from “smart home” to “intelligent home”. While many of the approaches and technologies outlined in this report are only just beginning to emerge, they underscore the importance advanced sensing will play in developing new smart home devices and services.
Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Key Trends and Takeaways
2.1 Momentum is Building but It Is Still Very Early
2.2 The Groundwork is Being Laid for the Next Wave of Smart Home Devices
2.3 Cracking the Code for Elderly Monitoring Services?

3. Enabling Advanced Sensing in the Smart Home
3.1 Bluetooth – Fast and Simple, but Compromises may be Necessary
3.2 Wi-Fi – Almost Everywhere, but Spotty In-Home Coverage Remains a Challenge
3.3 GPS – Very Accurate, but Very Power Hungry and Not Ideal Indoors
3.4 Combining Multiple Sensors – Highly Customizable, Highly Complex

4. Company Profiles
4.1 Aerial
4.2 Arm
4.3 Audio Analytic
4.4 Cocoon
4.5 Cognitive Systems
4.6 Decawave
4.7 Elliptic Labs
4.8 Hiome
4.9 Intellithings
4.10 MicroVision
4.11 People Power
4.12 Sense
4.13 Vayyar
4.14 XeThru

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