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Author: Jack Narcotta
Co Author: William Ablondi
Publication Date: Mar 10 2020
Pages: 15
Report Type: Report, Word
Smart Home

A Deeper Look into the European Smart Home Market

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Report Summary:

In this report, Strategy Analytics compiles the results of interviews it conducted with representatives of 14 companies participating in the European smart home market to learn their perspectives on the market, and in what ways some trends differ from the US. What smart home trends are these companies observing? How are they adapting to moves by competitors and shifts in consumer demands? What challenges are they experiencing, and what best practices from their US-based competitors can European companies leverage for smart home success?

Table of Contents

1.      Executive Summary

2.      Key Findings

2.1     A View of the Diverse European Smart Home Landscape

2.2     The Status of the European Smart Home Market

2.2.1       Obstacles in the European Smart Home Market

2.3     Top consumer smart home use cases and applications

2.3.1       Protection and Peace-of-Mind

2.3.2       Convenience

2.3.3       Saving Money via Reducing Energy Costs

2.3.4       Other Applications Showing Promise

2.4     Role(s) played by digital assistants and voice control

2.5     Smart home business models and go-to-market strategies

2.5.1       Recurring Service Subscriptions are a Frustrating Opportunity

2.5.2       Business Models Built on Smart Home Device Data Look the Most Promising

2.5.3       Installation Services are potentially a Market Mover

2.6     Communications Protocols, including 5G

2.6.1       Companies will have to wait for 5G’s Impact on the Smart Home

2.7     Amazon, Google, and the Roles of Data Analytics and Data Security

2.7.1       Amazon and Google

2.7.2       Security and Big Data

3.      Additional Questions for Companies to Consider

4.      How Can We Help You?

Exhibit 2-1: Companies Interviewed by Strategy Analytics

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