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2018 Global Smart Home Forecast

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Report Summary:

Consumer spending on smart home related hardware, services and installation fees will reach $93B in 2018 and grow at a 10% CAGR to $143B by 2023. By 2023, 274M homes worldwide, or 14% of all households, will have at least one type of smart system installed. This forecast data table presents Strategy Analytics' forecast and key planning assumptions for the global Smart Home Systems and Services market for the period 2012 to 2023.

It includes detailed projections for smart home segments such as interactive security, remote and whole home control, digital health care, whole home and remote entertainment systems, and smart appliances.

Table of Contents

1. Title
2. Contents
3. The Story
4. Analysis
5. North America
6. Canada
7. United States
8. Western Europe
9. France
10. Germany
11. Italy
12. Spain
13. UK
14. Rest of Western Europe
15. Asia Pacific
16. China
17. Rest of Asia Pacific
18. Central & Eastern Europe
19. Middle East & Africa
20. Central & Latin America
21. Global Total
22. Coverage
23. Definitions
24. Methodology
25. Contacts
26. Flat File

For Each Region_Country
Growth Yr-over-Yr %

Fixed-Line Broadband Penetration
Growth Yr-over-Yr %

Fixed-Line Broadband Households (M)
Growth Yr-over-Yr %

Security Systems & Services
% HHs with Prof. Monitored Security
Growth Yr-over-Yr %

% HH w/Traditional Sec
Growth Yr-over-Yr %

%ALL HH  w/Interactive Security
Growth Yr-over-Yr %

Traditional Security
# HHs with Trad. Prof. Mon. Security
Annual Monitoring Revenue -- Traditional Security 
Total Annual Security System Sales
Annual Hardware Revenue
Total Traditional Security Revenues

Interactive Security
# HHs with Prof. Mon. Interactive Security
Growth Yr-over-Yr %
% Broadband HHs w/Prof. Mon. Interactive Security

Annual Monitoring Revenue - Interactive Security 
Annual Hardware Revenue
Total Interactive Security Revenues

Professionally Monitored Security SUMMARY
Total Annual Security Monitoring Revenue
Growth Yr-over-Yr %
Total Annual Security Hardware Revenue
Growth Yr-over-Yr %
Total HH with Prof. Monitored Security
Growth Yr-over-Yr %
Total Annual  Security Market Value
% Monitoring Fees
% Hardware + Installation

Remote Self-Monitoring &/or Control
(Excludes Professionally Monitored Systems)
% BB HHs w/ Remote  Self-Mon. &/or Control
Growth Yr-over-Yr %
# Households w/ Self-monitoring & Control

% All Self-monitored HHs Paying for a Service
Growth Yr-over-Yr %
# HHs Paying for Self-monitoring & /or Control Svcs
Growth Yr-over-Yr %
% BB HHs
Monthly Fee/Service/HH
Average Number of Services/HH
Total Annual Self-monitoring Revenue

Annual Self Monitoring Hardware Revenue

% Households Paying for Installation 
Average Fee
Annual Installation Revenues

Total Annual Self-Monitoring Market Value
% Monitoring Fees
% Hardware
% Installation
Digital Healthcare Systems & Services

% BB HHs w/ Digital Healthcare Systems & Services
# Households w/Digital Healthcare Sys & Svcs
Growth Yr-over-Yr %

 Annual Consumer Spending on Digital Healthcare Services
 Annual Consumer Spending on Digital Healthcare Hardware
Annual Consumer Spending on Digital Healthcare Systems and Services
% Service Fees
% Hardware

Whole-home Control Systems

% BB HHs w/ Whole-home Control Systems
# Households w/Whole-home Control Systems
Growth Yr-over-Yr %

Total Annual Sales
Average System Price
Whole-home Control Hardware Value

Installation Fees (Includes Programming & Support)

Total Whole-home Control Revenues

Integrated Entertainment Control Systems

% BB HHs w/ Integrated Entertainment Controls
#HHs w/Integrated Entertainment Control Systems

Total Annual Sales
Average System Price
Integrated Entertainment Control Hardware Value

Installation Fees (Includes Programming & Support)

Total Integrated Entertainment Control Systems

Remote-enabled Entertainment Control Systems
% BB HHs w/ REECS Activated
Growth Yr-over-Yr %
# Households w/REECS

Total Annual Sales
Average Annual STB Rental Premium
REECS Annual Hardware RENTAL Value

Smart Appliance Controllers
(Components adding smart capabilities)
% BB HHs w/Smart Appliances
Growth Yr-over-Yr %

# Households w/Smart Appliances
Average Number of Smart Appliances/HH with Any
Installed Smart Appliances

Total Annual Sales
Average System Price
"Smart" Controller Value

Other Smart Home Households

HHs without  Above Control or Monitoring Systems
% HHs with OTHER Smart Systems
# HHs w/ OTHER Smart Systems

Total Annual Sales
Average System Price
Revenue from Other Smart Hardware
Growth Yr-over-Yr %

Total Number of "Smart" Homes
  % ALL HHs
  % BB HHs

TOTAL Smart Home Market
Hardware Spending
% Hardware
Services Spending
% Services

Installation Fees (Not Included in Services)
% Installation Fees

Total Consumer Smart Home Spending

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