Author: William Ablondi

Publication Date: Nov 14 2016

Pages: 21

Report Type: Presentation, PowerPoint

 Smart Home

Smart Home Summit 2016 Presentation: "Identifying What Smart Home Consumers Want"

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Report Summary:

This presentation, titled "Identifying What Smart Home Consumers Want", was delivered at the Smart Home Summit in Palo Alto on November 3, 2016. 
The presentation highlights initial findings from Strategy Analytics' most recent Smart Home Consumer Survey, which was conducted among 7,000 consumers and across six countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, and US). Specifically, it discusses who is most likely to buy smart home products and services in the near term and highlights key attributes of consumers in target groups.
Based on the initial results of this study, we know that consumers in target segments differ widely from the average consumer. They are, for example, much more likely than the average consumer to invest in home improvements, purchase new technology before their peers, and pay for products that bring them convenience or help to manage the home.
In addition, the presentation, which is accompanied by detailed notes, offers suggestions as to what will help drive consumer adoption, focusing on strong value propositions as well as design and user experience.

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