Author: Eric Smith

Publication Date: Mar 25 2014

Pages: 7

Report Type: Insight, Word

 Consumer Electronics

Racing to Fill the Ultra HD Content Vacuum

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Report Summary:

Although shipments of Ultra HD (UHD) TV displays are set to rapidly take off in 2014, there is still uncertainty as to what consumers will actually be able to watch on them. Players big and small are fighting to fill the void in the 4K content market through standalone media players, streaming services over broadband, and the inevitable Pay TV broadcast networks. TV vendors have initially been focused on driving their own UHD TV sales, while new entrants are attempting to broaden the playing field. This Insight will explore the race to validate the UHD TV market with 4K content through Digital Media Adapters (DMAs), Over-the-Top (OTT) streaming, and future Pay TV linear broadcasts. It also dives into which CE vendors, service providers, and content owners are working to fill these gaps, and what opportunities lie ahead for those seeking to serve the burgeoning UHD TV market.

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