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Author: David Watkins

Publication Date: Aug 09 2011

Pages: 22

Report Type: Forecast and Outlook

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 Consumer Electronics

Global Connected Consumer Electronics (CE) Devices Market Forecast

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Report Summary:

Our latest research of global consumer electronics markets indicates that global CE device revenues will reach $468 billion in 2011, a growth rate of 6% over 2010. Forecasts for 2011 represent a positive growth rate of 19% in unit sales. For connected (network-enabled) CE devices we expect 30% unit growth in 2011 and 15% market value growth to reach $332 Billion. This report provides qualitative and quantitative analysis to the accompanying Connected CE Devices Global Market Forecast Data Table. Coverage includes 17 fixed and portable digital home media device segments, including Flat Panel TV, Blu-ray Disc player, Set-top box, DVR, digital media adapter, games console, desktop and portable PC, NAS, portable media player, e-book reader and tablet.

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