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Author: Taryn Tulay

Publication Date: Jul 19 2012

Pages: 35

Report Type: Buyer Analysis

 Connected Home UX

Users More Engaged with Video Consumption on Tablet than on TV

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Report Summary:

In Spring 2012, Strategy Analytics conducted a multi-method data gathering exercise to gauge behaviors, attitudes and preferences of tablet owners in the UK and USA. The main reasons consumers purchase a tablet is for its small, compact size and ease of portability. When purchasing a tablet, most consumers take brand image and quality into account, and rate battery life, screen display resolution, camera quality and storage space the most important features. Tablets are mainly used within the home environment to browse the internet and stream video content. Motivations behind viewing video content on the tablet were found to be very different from viewing on the TV as it was more focused and purposeful. The majority of consumers use the tablet to consume rather than create content, mostly due to the lack of a physical keyboard.

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