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Author: Taryn Tulay

Publication Date: Oct 03 2011

Pages: 17

Report Type: Report, Word

 Connected Home UX

Multi-Screen User Behaviors in the Home

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Report Summary:

In August 2011, Strategy Analytics conducted in home observations and interviews with 12 multi-screen users and undertook focus group discussions with 30 tablet and smartphone owners. This research was carried out in the USA and the UK. Results indicate that multi-screen use is a behavior that is being readily adopted and has quickly become almost the default way that adopters choose to experience TV watching. However, our observations indicate that users have specific functional uses for each of their devices, and the devices that they consider to be the most important to the experience are not necessarily the ones that they are primarily interacting with. Understanding how users shift focus between devices and what triggers these shifts is key to designing a superior multi-screen experience.

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