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Author: Taryn Tulay

Publication Date: Mar 09 2012

Pages: 12

Report Type: Report, Word

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Multi-Screen TV Experiences Observing Users of The Walking Dead Co-Viewing Application

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Report Summary:

Media producers are increasingly seeking to extend and control the TV viewing experience across multiple screens through the introduction of tablet and smartphone co-viewing applications. The producers of the TV series ‘The Walking Dead’ recently released such an application to accompany the launch of the latest season of the show on the FX channel in the UK. Strategy Analytics observed six fans of the show as they experienced the latest episode while using the co-viewing app. Our analysis suggests that there is a high level of interest in co-viewing apps among show fans and that there were some appealing features within this app. However, overall user engagement and satisfaction can be improved. This report examines expectations and experiences and identifies recommendations for offering a more relevant and meaningful co-viewing experience.

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