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Author: Taryn Tulay

Publication Date: Jan 26 2012

Pages: 12

Report Type: Report, Word

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Can Social Networking Save Live TV

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Report Summary:

In December 2011 Strategy Analytics conducted 6 focus group discussions with 60 TV viewers that communicate about the TV shows that they watch. The research was carried out in the UK and the USA. Results indicate that people are using multiple communication mediums to talk about the TV they are watching. The more likely they are to use Facebook and Twitter, the less likely they are to discuss on the phone. There are many reasons viewers get distracted from the TV, the main one being the mobile phone alerting them through some form of sensory cue. Viewers watching their favorite show are more likely to watch with another person(s) than those that watch it time delayed through DVR or TiVo. The most successful way of getting people to watch a new TV show is for a friend to recommend it, the least successful is online recommendations.

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