• What is driving early adopters to seek out connected TV experiences?
  • How are adopters changing their behavior around what TV they watch?
  • Which digital media capabilities do lead adopters value most highly?
  • Which solutions currently offer a superior user experience in digital media products and services and what lessons can they offer?
  • Which elements of frustration and dissatisfaction with existing digital home products and services create new product development opportunities for developers of controllers, hardware, EPGs/GUIs and connected services?

Connected_Home_UXAbout Connected Home UX

As the range of solutions for delivering digital video and connected services expands, the process of managing the user experience across multiple delivery platforms, networks and equipment is becoming increasingly complex, uncertain and potentially expensive. By directly observing early adopters in their home environment over time, the Digital Home Observatory:

  • Investigates usage scenarios of digital media devices and services
  • Explains emerging consumer behaviours, motivations and preferences around 'Over the Top' Digital Media Consumption, Smart TV, Social TV, Multiscreen activities and associated concepts
  • Identifies unmet needs and barriers to adoption, and
  • Defines best practices for delivering a useful, usable and compelling user experience in these areas

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