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OLED Opening Up New Opportunities for Smartphone Displays

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Report Summary:

OLED displays have seen massive technological improvements as the ecosystem, which includes the panel vendors, equipment and OLED material suppliers, has evolved to meet the growing needs of smartphone customers. In this report we analyse the latest OLED display technologies by panel type, panel design and panel form factor for smartphones, highlighting the trends and outlook.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. Analysis
    2.1 Panel Type Analysis: Flexible OLED edges over Rigid OLED
    2.2 Panel Design Analysis: Under Display Camera will mark the end of Notch/Punch- Hole/Pop-Up Camera based Display
          2.2.1 Reducing the Bezel
          2.2.2 Achieving 100% Screen with No Bezels
     2.3 Panel Form Factor Analysis: Foldable OLED Panels driving the ideal smartphone display form factor
           2.3.1 Form Factor Types
           2.3.2 Foldable OLED panel opportunity
           2.3.3 Other Form Factors
     2.4 OLED-Biometric Opportunity
3. Conclusion
4. How Can We Help You?

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