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Author: Asif Anwar

Publication Date: Dec 06 2013

Pages: 15

Report Type: Data Table, Excel


Shipborne Communications Systems and Components Forecast 2012-2022

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Report Summary:

Overall new shipbuilding activity for larger platforms will remain subdued as a result of budgetary pressures, but this limited activity will be supplemented by upgrades to existing vessels driving demand for shipborne radio systems. An increased emphasis on littoral operations will lead to demand from offshore patrol vessels as well as fast attack craft driving new demand for radio systems. The need to have global communications reach will mean that shipborne radio systems carry multiple systems spanning the broad range of frequencies. While the overall split will remain relatively constant, the move towards Ka-band will mean that shipborne radio systems to cover this segment will see faster growth through 2022. The overall semiconductor market will remain relatively small given the limited volumes, but will see a 8 percent CAGR growth through 2022.

Table of Contents

  • Title
  • Conclusions
  • Global Defense Expenditure
  • Communications Expenditure
  • Shipborne Radio Shipments
  • Radio Market Segmentation
  • Carrier Regional Segmentation
  • Carrier Frequency Segmentation
  • Frigate Regional Segmentation
  • Frigate Frequency Segmentation
  • OPV-FAC Regional Segmentation
  • OPV-FAC Frequency Segmentation
  • Radio Transceiver Shipments
  • Transceiver Electronics

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