Author: Asif Anwar

Publication Date: Dec 04 2018

Pages: 50

Report Type: Webinar Replay


Implications of Expanding the UAS Mission Envelope in Military and Civilian Airspace

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Report Summary:

The success of unmanned aerial systems in providing real-time information to military commanders has contributed to both mission effectiveness and in protecting personnel. An expansion of the mission envelope beyond ISR will help drive continued demand for UAS platforms in this realm and this is being paralleled at an even faster rate in the civilian and commercial sectors with a range of applications. What will be the challenges for suppliers of systems and subsystems across radar, EW, communications and EO-IR sensors? How will AI and Big Data be leveraged? Also, as the expansion of commercial UAS use brings to the fore disruptive potential, intentional or otherwise, as well their implementation in the asymmetric threat arsenal; is the threat being recognized, and more importantly budgeted for?

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