Global Airborne ISR and AEW&C Market Forecast 2013-2023

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Report Summary:

Strategy Analytics forecasts the global Airborne ISR market to grow from $20.22 billion in 2013 to $27.81 billion in 2023 at a CAGR of 3.2%; Factors driving demand will include new procurements in anticipation of potential military contingencies from evolving regional threat scenarios ; increased spend at major emerging militaries; growing awareness of the importance in establishing air superiority/controlling air space in the theatre of operations and the increasing use of unmanned platforms. However, new procurements will largely be limited to militaries with high and/or growing defence budgets, supported by strong political commitment leading to an equally important upgrade market which will be helped by significant technological evolutions around radar, communications, network architecture and semiconductor technologies.

Table of Contents

  • Title
  • Defence Expenditure
  • ISR Expenditure
  • AEW&C Expenditure
  • Airborne ISR Regional Spending
  • Airborne ISR Spend By Type
  • Airborne ISR Mission Spend
  • New Build Airborne ISR Numbers
  • Airborne ISR Aggregate Platform
  • AEW&C Expenditure by Region
  • AEW&C Spend by Type
  • AEW&C New Platform Forecast
  • AEW&C Aggregate Platform #

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