Defense Industry Review: November 2018

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Report Summary:

The strategic importance of enabling technologies to enhance the capabilities of military radar, electronic warfare, military radio and satellite communications as well as other systems was exemplified by Qorvo being awarded a four-year contract by the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory to develop and implement a physics-based, unified modelling framework to accelerate the design of GaN devices.

Table of Contents

1.       Executive Summary

2.       Introduction

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3.       Radar Technology

3.1     Contracts

3.1.1       Raytheon Contracted for Ku-band Radio Frequency Radars (KuRFS)

3.1.2       Raytheon Contracted for MIDAS Program

3.1.3       Elta Systems to Supply Additional ‘Green Pine’ Radars to South Korea

3.1.4       Boeing Contracted for F-15 Radar Modernization Program

3.1.5       Longbow Contracted for Production of Radar Electronic Units

3.2     New Products

3.2.1       China Exhibits AESA Radar Upgrade Developments at Airshow China

3.2.2       Indonesia's PT Len Unveils Locally Developed Air Surveillance Radar

3.3     Other

3.3.1       German Air Force to Test Covert Radar in Large-Scale Demonstration

3.3.2       Lockheed Martin Integrates Advanced Radar System with Unmanned Aerostat

3.3.3       Raytheon to Expand Radar Building Operations

3.3.4       Elta Systems Integrating AI with Radars

3.3.5       NRL Explores Improved Over-The-Horizon Detection and Tracking

4.       Electronic Warfare

4.1     Business

4.1.1       Northrop Grumman Announces NJG-LB Team

4.2     Contracts

4.2.1       Kratos Receives EW and Communications Systems Contract Awards

4.2.2       SRC to Provide Electronic Warfare Integrated Reprogramming Enhancements

4.2.3       L3 Technologies to Develop Next Generation Jammer for US Navy

4.2.4       Mercury Systems Supplying Integrated Subsystems for Naval EW Application

4.2.5       CACI Contracted for TROJAN STRONG Systems Support

4.2.6       BAE Systems Contracted for RFMLS Program

4.2.7       Turkey Pursues Survivability for Tank Fleet


5.1     Contracts

5.1.1       IAI to Supply Sky Capture System to Asian Nation

5.1.2       Romania to Procure Additional Patriot Air and Missile Defense Systems

5.1.3       Lockheed Martin JASSM Production Support Contract

5.1.4       Indonesia Acquires Follow-On Batch of Skyshield Air-Defense Systems

5.1.5       Raytheon to Support Standard Missile-3 Program

5.1.6       MBDA to Develop MICA Missile

5.1.7       Kaman Contracted for Additional Fuzes and Services

5.1.8       Lockheed Martin Contracted for MK-41 Vertical Launching System Parts

5.1.9       Japan Looks to Purchase SM-3 and AMRAAM Missiles

5.1.10     DSCA Notifies Congress of Possible Sale of Precision Guided Munitions to NATO

5.1.11     Raytheon Contracted for SM-2 and SM-6 Intermediate-level Repair and Maintenance

5.1.12     Qatar Seeks AMRAAM and Related Equipment and Support for NASAMS

5.1.13     Raytheon Contracted for HARM Support

5.2     Other

5.2.1       MBDA Demonstrates Extended Operational Capabilities of MMP

5.2.2       Successful First Launch for Marte ER Missile

5.2.3       Brazilian Navy Launches First MANSUP Anti-Ship Missile Prototype

6.       Comms & Nav

6.1     Business

6.1.1       Rheinmetall and Rohde & Schwarz Form JV RRS-MITCOS

6.2     Contracts

6.2.1       Hughes to Support USCG Airborne Communications

6.2.2       Dynetics to Develop Smallsats for US Army

6.2.3       Viasat Receives Initial Mini Crypto Order

6.2.4       Cobham Radio Management System ADS-B Out Selected for T-6A Trainer Fleet

6.2.5       SAIC Awarded Contract for C5ISR Systems

6.2.6       USAF Reserve and Air National Guard F-16s to be Upgraded with Anti-jam GPS

6.2.7       Boeing Contracted for Wideband Global Satellite Communication Resilience

6.2.8       Telephonics to Provide IFF Avionics for P-8A Poseidon

6.2.9       Harris Supporting Wideband Satellite Communications

6.2.10     Northrop Grumman Contracted for Embedded GPS and INS

6.3     New Products

6.3.1       Azure Summit Technology Demonstrates 3U Switchblade RF Receiver to the US Navy

6.3.2       Airbus Showcases New Secure Proteus Satcom Modem

6.3.3       Savi Introduces IoT Asset Tracking Sensors for the Government and Military

6.4     Other

6.4.1       Harris Corporation Delivers Sixth GPS III Satellite Navigation Payload

6.4.2       Raytheon's GPS OCX Passes Cybersecurity Tests

6.4.3       Harris Corporation Receives NSA Certification for AN/PRC-163 Handheld Radio

6.4.4       Leonardo Selected by South Korean LIG Nex1 as Strategic Technology Partner

6.4.5       E2E SATCOM UAS-I Node Flies

6.4.6       Rockwell Collins Radio NSA Certified

6.4.7       Raytheon Holds Demo of Signal-Choosing Radio System on Blackjack UAS

6.4.8       Sagetech Demonstrates Tiny IFF Transponder for Military UAS

7.       RF and Microwave

7.1     Contracts

7.1.1       Qorvo to Accelerate GaN Design, Performance and Reliability

7.1.2       Teledyne Awarded Contract for TWTs for US Navy Growlers

7.1.3       Communications and Power Industries Contracted for Klystron Tubes

7.2     New Products

7.2.1       Comtech PST Introduces GaN SSPA for Electronic Warfare

7.2.2       Qorvo Adds C-band GaN Power Amplifier

8.       Optoelectronics, Electro-optics & Sensors

8.1     Contracts

8.1.1       Raytheon Contracted for ATFLIR Input Image Processor 2 (I2P2) Upgrade

8.1.2       Boeing Contracted for IRST Block II Phase 2

8.1.3       Raytheon BBN Technologies Contracted for Bio-Acoustic Sonar System

8.1.4       Thales Defense and Security to Repair H-60 Airborne Dome Sonars

8.1.5       Raytheon Vision System Contracted for the Fortress Program

8.1.6       Lockheed Martin Contracted for Apache Night Vision Sensor Systems

8.2     New Products

8.2.1       UTC Aerospace Systems Develops Highest Resolution SWIR Camera

8.3     Other

8.3.1       Logos Technologies Demonstrates Redkite WAMI Sensor in Netherlands

9.       Platforms, Systems & Other Components

9.1     Business

9.1.1       AMETEK Completes Two Acquisitions

9.1.2       Elbit Acquires IMI Systems

9.1.3       RUAG and Elbit Systems to Form a Joint Venture in Switzerland

9.1.4       Elbit Systems Reports Third Quarter 2018 Results

9.1.5       MTS Systems Acquires E2M Technologies B.V.

9.1.6       Rheinmetall AG in Talks to Acquire KNDS Stake

9.1.7       United Technologies to Separate into Three Independent Companies

9.1.8       HEICO Acquires Apex Microtechnology

9.2     Appointments

9.2.1       Echodyne Adds New CFO

9.2.2       Airbus Appoints COO

9.2.3       Airbus Selects Future CFO

9.3     Contracts

9.3.1       Saab to Provide Technical Support for Gripen

9.3.2       Elbit Systems to Provide Maritime UAS to EMSA

9.3.3       General Atomics Contracted for MQ-9 Weather Tolerance Activities

9.3.4       Boeing Contracted for Saudi F-15 Sustainment

9.3.5       General Atomics Contracted for MQ-9 Reaper Production

9.3.6       Sikorsky to Sustain Super Stallion and Sea Dragon Aircraft

9.3.7       Honeywell to Repair and Upgrade C-5M Super Galaxy Avionics

9.3.8       Oshkosh Defense Contracted JLTV Retrofit Work

9.3.9       Nigeria to Purchase Multiple JF-17 Thunder Fighters

9.3.10     Mirion Technologies to Supply Dosimeters

9.3.11     Kratos to Supply Unmanned Aerial Jet Target Drone Systems

9.3.12     Rockwell Collins to Support Operational Readiness of CH-47F Avionics

9.3.13     General Dynamics Contracted for M1A1 Abrams Tank Periscope Head Assemblies

9.3.14     Kratos to Supply UAS Systems

9.3.15     Rockwell Collins to US Army CH-47F Chinook Fleet Avionics

9.3.16     Leonardo to Supply AW169M Helicopter Variant to Guardia Di Finanza

9.3.17     Northrop Grumman Providing Global Hawk Training and Sustainment Services

9.3.18     Elbit Systems to Supply a UAS-based ISTAR Solution

9.3.19     GA-ASI Selected to Provide MQ-9 UAS to Australian Defence Force

9.3.20     Mercury Systems to Supply Mission Computers

9.3.21     Lockheed Martin Contracted for F-35A Dual Capable Aircraft Capability Development

9.3.22     Lockheed Martin Contracted for F-35 JSFs

9.3.23     Bahrain Seeks AH-1Z Attack Helicopters

9.3.24     Northrop Grumman Contracted for Japan E-2D Long-Lead Items

9.3.25     SkyGuardian UAS Selected by Belgium

9.3.26     Northrop Grumman Contracted for Three Block 30i Global Hawks

9.3.27     Thales Contracted for Deployable Instrument Landing System

9.3.28     Lockheed Martin Contracted for Diminishing Manufacturing Sources Parts

9.3.29     U.S. Marine Corps Procures the New InstantEye Mk-3 GEN5-D1 SUAS System

9.3.30     Saab to Deliver Camouflage Systems to the U.S. Army

9.3.31     Northrop Grumman Contracted for Japan Global Hawk Program

9.3.32     Kratos to Develop Directed Energy Systems Prototype Technologies

9.3.33     Boeing Contracted for Protected Tactical Enterprise Service

9.3.34     Oshkosh Defense Contracted for Vehicles and Kits

9.3.35     Rockwell Collins Supplying E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Integrated Training Systems

9.3.36     Sierra Nevada to Supply A-29 Aircraft for Nigerian Air Force

9.3.37     Honeywell Contracted for Supply Secondary Power Systems Support

9.3.38     Oshkosh Defense Contracted for Joint Light Tactical Vehicle

9.3.39     Egypt Seeks AH-64E Apache Attack Helicopters and Related Equipment and Support

9.3.40     Morocco Seeks Abrams Tank Enhancements, Support, and Equipment

9.3.41     Poland Seeks HIMARS and Related Support and Equipment

9.3.42     UTC Contracted for F-35 F135 Propulsion System Logistic Support

9.4     New Products

9.4.1       ZMicro Launches ZM3 GPU-Capable Mission Computer for Airborne ISR

9.4.2       ZB Intelligence Unveils Marine Lizard Amphibious Combat USV Prototype

9.5     Other

9.5.1       Admiral Kuznetsov Dry Dock Accident

9.5.2       Rafale F3-R Standard Qualified by the DGA

9.5.3       Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Cuts Ribbon on New UAS Production Facility

9.5.4       Final Assembly of Boeing E-7 and Radar Combination to be Undertaken in UK

9.5.5       Rheinmetall Transfers State-of-the-art Trucks to the Bundeswehr

9.5.6       HMS Queen Elizabeth Begins Second Phase of F-35 Trials

9.5.7       Chengdu J-10B Thrust Vectoring Control Showcased at Airshow China

9.5.8       Safran Electronics & Defense Australasia Inaugurates New Facility

9.5.9       Delta Partners with Boeing, U.S. Navy to Provide Maintenance on P-8A Poseidon

9.5.10     BAE Systems’ WEnDL System Enhancing Air Traffic Situational Awareness

9.5.11     Mid-life Refit of Charles de Gaulle Aircraft Carrier Completed

9.5.12     Construction Begins on Future USS Patrick Gallagher

9.5.13     OCCAR Formally Invites Airbus to Lead European MALE RPAS Project

9.5.14     Indian Army Inducts Its First M777 Ultra Lightweight Howitzers

9.5.15     Eurofighter Typhoon Fleet Hits 500,000 Flying Hour Milestone

9.5.16     British Army Start Biggest Military Robot Exercise in British History

9.5.17     Bahrain Receives Ex-Royal Air Force Hercules

9.5.18     First A330 Arrives in ROK for Testing

9.5.19     Russian Army to Induct T-72B3 Tanks

9.5.20     U.S. Air Force Scraps Boeing Upgrade of AWACS Radar DSP Subsystem

9.5.21     Cambridge Pixel Supplies RadarWatch Coastal Surveillance Software and Trackers

9.5.22     Record-Breaking Drop for RAF A400M Atlas

9.5.23     Germany Sees Next Step on Fighter Jet Replacement by End of Year

9.5.24     Saab Announced as Combat System Integration Partner

9.5.25     Second Gripen E Test Aircraft Takes Flight

9.5.26     Serbia Receives First out of Nine Airbus Helicopters H145Ms

9.5.27     Abaco and EIZO to Bring GPGPU and Video Processing to HPEC

9.5.28     Elbit Systems Inaugurates Facility in Romania

9.5.29     3D Printed Parts Enable Lockheed Martin F-35 Program Cost Savings

9.5.30     First RAN Anzac-class Frigate Completes Mid-Life Capability Assurance Programme

9.5.31     Russian Il-112V Transport Aircraft Rolls Out

9.5.32     UK Sends Last Stored Apaches to United States for CSP ‘Harvest’

9.5.33     GA-ASI Certifiable Ground Control Station Makes First Flight

9.5.34     Taiwan Plans Purchase of F-16V Fighters

9.5.35     General Atomics Establishing Industrial Collaboration in Japan

9.5.36     GA-ASI Receives Experimental Certification on Newest MQ-9B SkyGuardian

9.5.37     Rossell Techsys Delivers Wire Harnesses, Electrical Panels for Boeing AH-64 Apache

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