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Author: Asif Anwar
Publication Date: May 01 2018
Pages: 39
Report Type: Report, Word

Defense Industry Review: March 2018

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Report Summary:

In March, the biggest announced transaction was related to General Dynamics looking to acquire CSRA in a transaction valued at $9.7 billion. This will create the second largest provider of IT solutions to the Government Technology Services market, after Leidos. Also, in a reverse transaction of sorts, Infineon announced it would be selling its RF power business to Cree to enhance the Wolfspeed portfolio.
Table of Contents

1.       Executive Summary

2.       Introduction

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3.       Radar Technology

3.1     Business

3.1.1       MBDA Deutschland and Lockheed Martin New Joint Venture

3.2     Contracts

3.2.1       Telephonics Contracted for MH-60R AN/APS-153 System

3.2.2       WZE to Service Polish Radars

3.2.3       InDyne Receives O&M Contract for Solid State Phased Array Radar System

3.2.4       Mercury Systems to Supply Airborne Tactical Radar RF Subsystems

3.2.5       Lockheed Martin Contracted for Additional LRDR Hardware

3.2.6       BAE Systems to Upgrade JORN

3.2.7       Raytheon Contracted for US Air Force AN/FPS-108 Cobra Dane Radar

3.2.8       WR Systems Relocatable Over-the-Horizon Radar System Contract

3.2.9       Harris to Supply AN/SPS-48G(V)(1) Radar Modification Kits

3.2.10     Lockheed Martin to Supply AN/APS-153(V)1 Standard Retrofit P-kits

3.2.11     Boeing Contracted for F-15 Radar Upgrades

3.2.12     Longbow Contracted for Korean Army AH-64E Guardian Apache Radar

3.3     Other

3.3.1       Lockheed Martin Completes Acceptance Test of Multi-Role Radar

4.       Electronic Warfare

4.1     Contracts

4.1.1       Sierra Nevada Contracted for AN/PLT-5 Man-portable Anti-IED System

4.1.2       Raytheon Supporting NGJ and AMDR Upgrades

4.1.3       Sechan Electronics to Supply Nulka

4.1.4       Harris Awarded F/A-18 EW System Contract

4.1.5       Harris to Supply AN/ALQ-214(V)4/5 IDECM Jammer Sets to Kuwait

4.1.6       Peraton Contracted for Transmitting Set, Countermeasures AN/PLT-4

4.1.7       Harris Contracted for AN/ALQ-172 Countermeasures NRE

4.1.8       Lockheed Martin Contract Mod for SEWIP

4.2     New Products

4.2.1       Cobham Unveils Wideband Omni Antennas for EW

4.3     Other

4.3.1       Adapted Dassault Falcons to Meet French Air Force EW Requirements

4.3.2       Harris Nulka ADAP Program Update


5.1     Contracts

5.1.1       Lockheed Martin Contracted for AEGIS Baseline 9

5.1.2       Raytheon to Embody Maritime Targeting Capability in Tomahawk Block IV

5.1.3       Northrop Grumman to Model Ballistic Missile Defense Systems Capabilities

5.1.4       Lockheed Martin to Provide PAC MSE Services

5.1.5       BAE Systems to Supporting APKWS Production for US Forces

5.1.6       Raytheon Contracted for TOW Missile Testing

5.1.7       Boeing to Remanufacture ALCM Rotary Switches

5.1.8       Lockheed Martin to Build Missile Defense Targets

5.1.9       JSC Votkinsky Zavod Contracted for Serial Production of Kinzhal Hypersonic Missile

5.1.10     South Korea Seeks Additional Taurus Cruise Missiles

5.1.11     Raytheon to Provide Patriot Air Defense System Support

5.1.12     Lockheed Martin to Exercise Options for Trident II (D5) Missile Production

5.1.13     Boeing Contracted for Harpoon Obsolescence Redesign Study

5.1.14     RUAG Aviation to Supply Guidance and Control Sections for Sidewinder Missile

5.1.15     Lockheed Martin to Increase Saudi Arabia PAC-3 Production

5.1.16     Lockheed Martin Contracted for Saudi Arabia and Romania PAC-3 Production

5.1.17     Lockheed Martin Contracted for M299 Hellfire Launchers

5.1.18     Lockheed Martin Contracted for JASSM Enterprise Management System

5.1.19     Raytheon Contracted for MAD-FIRES

5.2     Other

5.2.1       Aselsan LGK-84 Laser-guided Bomb Kits Undergo Firing Tests

5.2.2       US Seeks GBU-49 PGMs as Interim Moving Target Munition for F-35

5.2.3       USAF B-1B Bomber Test Launches Long Range Anti-Ship Missile

5.2.4       Rheinmetall Integrates MELLS Antitank Guided Missile into Marder IFV

6.       Comms & Nav

6.1     Business

6.1.1       Motorola Solutions Completes Acquisition of Airbus DS Communications

6.1.1       Isotropic Systems Partners with QinetiQ to Develop Optical Apertures

6.2     Contracts

6.2.1       Northrop Grumman to Supply Space Navigation System

6.2.2       Northrop Grumman Contracted for BACN

6.2.3       George Mason University Researching Airborne Network

6.2.1       Elbit Systems to Supply Comprehensive SAR Solution

6.2.2       Lockheed Martin Supporting Military Satellite Systems

6.2.3       Ball Aerospace to Deliver Multi-Beam Phased Array Antenna Systems

6.2.4       Harris Selected for Command and Control Integration Program

6.2.5       Comtech EF Data Receives US Army Order for Satellite Modems

6.2.6       Rohde & Schwarz USA to Supply HF Transceiver Systems

6.3     New Products

6.3.1       Rohde & Schwarz Introduces New Military Airborne Radio

6.3.1       Harris Introduces New Two-Channel Leader Radio

6.4     Other

6.4.1       ThinKom Ka-band Satellite Antenna System Selected for E-4B Aircraft

7.       RF and Microwave

7.1     Business

7.1.1       Microchip Technology to Acquire Microsemi

7.1.2       Cree acquires Infineon RF Power Business

7.2     Contracts

7.2.1       Mercury Systems Receives RF Microelectronics Order for Airborne EW Application

7.2.2       Mercury Systems RF Microelectronics Order for Advanced Radar Application

7.2.3       HRL to Develop Ultra-linear GaN Transistors through DARPA DREaM Program

7.3     New Products

7.3.1       Qorvo Introduces Industry’s Most Powerful GaN-on-SiC Transistor

7.3.1       ADI Introduces SDR Development Kits for Military Communications

7.3.2       Integra Launches L-band GaN-based Amplifiers

7.4     Other

7.4.1       Raytheon fills Gaps in Long-range Fires and Short-range Air Defense

8.       Optoelectronics, Electro-optics & Sensors

8.1     Contracts

8.1.1       Rockwell Collins and Elbit Systems Contracted for JHMCS

8.1.1       UTAS Contracted for DB-110 Tactical Reconnaissance Pod Program

8.1.1       L-3 Chesapeake Sciences to Produce TB-34X Towed Arrays and Cable Assemblies

8.1.2       Northrop Grumman Contracted for Laser Weapon System Demonstrator

8.1.1       Lockheed Martin Contracted for AN/SQQ-89A(V)15

8.1.1       Alloy Surfaces Contracted for M211 Countermeasure Decoy

8.1.1       NAVSEA Mods Contracts with L3 KEO for Universal Modular Masts

8.1.1       Lockheed Martin Contracted for AN/SQQ-89A(V)15 Systems

8.1.2       Lockheed Martin Contracted for Integrated Submarine Imaging System Program

8.1.1       Northrop Grumman Contracted for LAIRCM NRE

8.2     Other

8.2.1       GeoSpectrum Delivered Active Towed Sonar to the Royal Canadian Navy

8.2.2       Russia to Develop Networked Combat Helmet

9.       Platforms, Systems & Other Components

9.1     Business

9.1.1       General Dynamics to Proceed with All-cash Offer to Acquire CSRA

9.1.1       General Dynamics and CSRA Amend Definitive Merger Agreement

9.2     Appointments

9.2.1       Abaco Systems Names Chief Operating Officer

9.2.2       Elbit Systems of America Announces Washington Operations Lead

9.2.3       Raytheon Elects New Member to Board of Directors

9.2.4       Saab Group Management Changes Announcement

9.3     Contracts

9.3.1       Boeing Contracted for Norwegian, RAF and US Navy P-8A Poseidons

9.3.2       Greece to Acquire Ex-US Mark V Speedboats

9.3.3       Lockheed Martin to Supply Multi-Mission Surface Combatant (MMSC) Ships

9.3.4       Teams Awarded Contracts for US Navy DARPA Programs

9.3.5       Lockheed Martin to Update F-35A Integration Requirements for Japan

9.3.6       Lockheed Martin Contracted for JSF Integrated Core Processor Prototypes

9.3.7       Lockheed Martin to Supply Watch Station Consoles in Navy Combat Systems

9.3.1       Boeing Contracted for Super Hornet Upgrade

9.3.2       AeroVironment to Supply Puma AE UAS

9.3.3       URS Federal Technical Services Contracted to Support USAF UAS Fleet

9.3.4       Nexter Systems Subcontracts with Kongsberg Gruppen to Supply Equipment

9.3.1       Rheinmetall Boxer Selected for Australian Land 400 Requirement

9.3.2       AeroVironment Contracted for RQ-20B Puma Surveillance Systems and Support

9.3.3       Saab Receives Order for Maintenance of Flight Safety Equipment

9.3.4       Lockheed Martin Aeronautics F-35 Spares Contract

9.3.5       General Dynamics Land Systems Contract for Fire Control Computers

9.3.6       US Army Orders More UH-72A Lakotas

9.3.7       Latvia to Receive AeroVironment RQ-20A Systems

9.3.8       General Dynamics GRIDS III Contract from US Army

9.3.9       Insitu Contracted for Procurement of Eight ScanEagle UAS

9.3.10     Boeing to Research F/A-18A-F and EA-18G Pilot-related Episodes

9.3.11     Boeing to Supply Kuwait with F/A-18E and F/A-18F Super Hornets

9.3.12     Insitu to Supply RQ-21A Blackjack UAS for Poland

9.3.13     Boeing Support Contract for the Taiwan Armed Forces AH-64E Fleet

9.3.14     Boeing Contracted for C-17 to India

9.3.15     General Atomics ASI Contracted for UK MQ-9B Protector

9.4     New Products

9.4.1       Abaco Introduces FPGA-based Embedded Computing Board

9.5     Other

9.5.1       Embraer Returns Damaged KC-390 to Flight-test Program

9.5.2       Tata and Boeing Inaugurate Hyderabad AH-64 Fuselage Line

9.5.3       Italian F-35A Declared Operational in Air-To-Air Role

9.5.1       USMC Releases RFI for UAS in AEW, EW and ISR Role

9.5.2       Saudi Arabia Seeks Repeat Typhoons Order

9.5.3       TAS Finalizes Acquisition of Ex-RAF Air-To-Air Refueling Aircraft

9.5.4       Kratos High Performance TUAS Approved for International Marketing

9.5.1       Successful First Flight for Saab GlobalEye

9.5.2       RAAF P-8As Achieve IOC Ahead of Schedule

9.5.3       USAF Criticizes Boeing on Latest KC-46 Delays

9.5.4       Airbus Signs Long-Term Cooperation Framework with Luxembourg

9.5.5       Qatar Pushes Ahead with Additional Rafale Batches

9.5.6       Croatia to Acquire Surplus Israeli F16s

9.5.7       HMS Ocean Exits UK Royal Navy Service

9.5.8       HMS Queen Elizabeth Completes Helicopter Trials

9.5.9       Lockheed Martin Unveils South Korean Air Force First F-35

9.5.10     Microsemi Eight-Channel Source Driver in Production

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