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Author: Asif Anwar
Publication Date: Jul 20 2018
Pages: 47
Report Type: Report, Word


Defense Industry Review: June 2018

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Report Summary:

June saw the annual IMS event playing host to company announcements related to GaN technology. Market leaders SEDI and Qorvo both announced products for S-band and X-band radar applications. Total contracts in June across platforms, systems and subsystems and components covering all domains exceeded over $55 billion with the overall numbers bolstered by several high value contracts.

Table of Contents

1.       Executive Summary

2.       Introduction

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3.       Radar Technology

3.1     Contracts

3.1.1       Northrop Grumman Contracted for BMEWS and PAVE Arrays

3.1.2       Raytheon Contracted for US Navy Flexible Distributed Array Radar

3.1.3       Northrop Grumman Systems Supplying E-2 Aircraft Power Amplifier Modules

3.1.4       Telephonics Supplying Radar for US Coast Guard HC-27J Program

3.1.5       Loughmiller Machine, Tool and Design AN/SPS-48E Radar Antenna Arrays Contract

3.1.6       Saab to Deliver Sea Giraffe Naval Radar to Unidentified Customer

3.1.7       US Approves Sale of AEGIS Combat System Related Equipment to Australia

3.2     New Products

3.2.1       RADA Launches eCHR and xrMHR Longer-Range Radars

3.2.1       IAI Intoduces 3D Tactical Radar System

3.3     Other

3.3.1       UK Becomes Largest Operator of Saab Land-based Giraffe AMB Radars

3.3.2       Indra and CODALTEC Extend Teaming for Air Defense System

3.3.3       Russian Protivnik-GE 3D Surveillance Radar Enters Service

4.       Electronic Warfare

4.1     Business

4.1.1       Thales, BAE Systems and CGI Team to Offer UK EW Force Protection to Royal Navy

4.2     Contracts

4.2.1       Harris Contracted for AIDEWS Production

4.2.2       Northrop Grumman Contracted for AN/ALQ-131A Electronic Attack Pod Upgrade

4.2.3       Mercury Systems Receives EW Module Order for Airborne Application

4.2.4       BAE Systems to Provide AN/ALR-56C/-56M RWR Sustainment

4.2.5       Rheinmetall Canadian Receives MASS Countermeasures Follow-On Contract

4.2.6       Raytheon Receives Additional Funds for Next Generation Jammer Development

4.2.1       Mercury Defense Systems Awarded SBIR Contract for DRFM

4.2.2       Elbit Systems to Supply EW Systems to a European Country

4.2.3       US Army Abrams Tank to Receive Leonardo-DRS Active Protection Systems

4.2.4       Northrop Grumman Contracted for JCREW

4.2.5       Raytheon to Support RAAF EA-18G ALQ-227 Countermeasures

4.2.6       Mercury Supporting SWaP-Optimized EW Module Development

4.2.7       Raytheon Contracted for MALD-J Vehicles and Support Equipment

4.3     New Products

4.3.1       Leonardo BriteCloud Decoy to Protect Military Transports

4.3.1       MyDefence Launches PITBULL Wearable Counter UAS Jammer

4.4     Other

4.4.1       EPAWSS Approaches Debut Flight Test


5.1     Contracts

5.1.1       US Navy Selects Naval Strike Missile as New Over-the-horizon Weapon

5.1.1       Raytheon Contracted for SM-6 Full-rate Production

5.1.2       Lockheed Martin to Develop Hypersonic Missile

5.1.3       Science Applications International Contracted for Torpedo Parts

5.1.4       Dynetics Awarded Production Contract for GBU-69/B Small Glide Munition

5.1.5       Raytheon Contracted for TOW Missiles

5.1.6       Lockheed Martin to Continue Maintaining Mk48 Torpedoes

5.1.7       MBDA Supplying Mistral SHORAD Missile Systems

5.1.8       Lockheed Martin Miniature Hit-To-Kill Interceptor Matures to Development Stage

5.1.1       Rosoboronexport to Supply Igla-S System for Indian VSHORAD Program

5.1.2       Raytheon to Supply Additional Excalibur 155mm Projectiles

5.1.3       Marvin Engineering Contracted for LAU-128/LAU-129 Missile Rail Launchers

5.1.4       Raytheon Seeing Direct Sale of Patriot Air Defense Missile System

5.1.5       Teledyne Contracted for TACRAM Design and Build Services

5.1.6       Leonardo to Supply Black Shark Advanced Torpedoes to Italian Navy

5.1.7       Lockheed Martin Sippican Awarded Heavyweight Mk 48 Torpedo Contract

5.1.8       Northrop Grumman Systems Contracted for Heavyweight Mk 48 Torpedo Services

5.1.9       Lockheed Martin Awarded Missile Service Life Extension Contract

5.1.10     General Dynamics Contracted for Rocket Parts

5.1.11     Diehl to Supply Additional IRIS-T Short Range Air-Air Missiles to Thailand

5.1.12     BAE Systems Contracted for APKWS Production

5.1.1       US Approves AEGIS Systems for Spanish Navy Frigates

5.1.2       RAMSys Receives German Navy Contract for Missile Launchers

5.1.3       Raytheon SDB Contract for F/A-18E/F Integration

5.1.4       AeroVironment Awarded Contract to Support Cruise Missile Defense

5.1.5       Intuitive Research and Technology to Support Cruise Missile Defense

5.1.6       Raytheon Missile Systems Contracted for Griffin Missile Production

5.2     New Products

5.2.1       IMI Systems and IAI Develop Rampage Stand-off Missile

5.3     Other

5.3.1       Edwards Test Squadron Completes Joint Strike Missile Test Program

5.3.2       Lockheed Martin Joint Air-To-Ground Missile Achieves Milestone C Decision

5.3.3       Taiwan Air Force Tests Sky Sword II Air to Air Missile

6.       Comms & Nav

6.1     Contracts

6.1.1       Orbit Communications Systems Receives Asian Navy Orders

6.1.2       Harris Contracted for AN/PRC-152A Hand-held Radios

6.1.3       Lockheed Martin Contracted to Support AEHF Satellite Functionality

6.2     Other

6.2.1       Germany Shortlists Rohde & Schwarz for VJTF Communications

7.       RF and Microwave

7.1     Contracts

7.1.1       CPI Contracted for CWI TWTs Production, Repairs and Rebuilds

7.2     New Products

7.2.1       Sumitomo Electric Introduces S-band and X-band GaN

7.2.2       Richardson RFPD Supporting Analog Devices Wideband RF Transceiver

7.2.3       Qorvo Announces X-Band GaN FEMs For Radar

7.2.1       MACOM Introduces New Wideband Double-Balanced Mixers

7.2.1       Comtech PST Gallium Nitride Power Amplifier for EW and Radar

8.       Optoelectronics, Electro-optics & Sensors

8.1     Business

8.1.1       Northrop Grumman Collaborating with SeeByte on SeeTrack System

8.1.1       Barzan and Safran to Develop Electro-Optical and Navigation Solutions

8.1.2       Raytheon and Safran Developing FLIR for Combat Vehicles

8.2     Contracts

8.2.1       L-3 Chesapeake Sciences Contracted for US Navy Towed Arrays

8.2.1       Armtec Countermeasures Contracted for Chaff Cartridges

8.2.2       Qatar Selects Sniper Pod for Rafale Fleet

8.2.1       Lockheed Martin Selects Raytheon to Deliver Next-Generation F-35 Sensor System

8.2.2       Thales Australia to Upgrade Sonar on Collins-Class Submarines

8.2.3       Teledyne Awarded SWIR Sensor Chip Assembly Contract for WFIRST

8.2.4       L3 Technologies and Optics 1 to Compete for STORM II Contract Work

8.2.5       Northrop Grumman Airborne Laser Mine Detection System Contract Mod

8.2.6       L3 KEO Awarded Contract for Photonics Mast Program

8.2.7       L-3 Insight Technology Division Contracted for MFAL Systems

8.2.1       Esterline Defense Technologies to Supply AECMs

8.2.2       Northrop Grumman Contracted for US Navy AN/AQS-24C Mine Hunting Sonar Systems

8.2.1       Lockheed Martin Contracted for UAE Apache Night Vision Sensor Systems

8.2.1       Kilgore Flares Contract Mod for IR Flares

8.2.2       Armtec Countermeasures Contract Mod for IR Flares

8.3     New Products

8.3.1       Quantum Cascade Laser Technology to Blind Heat-Guided Missiles

8.4     Other

8.4.1       FN Herstal Combines deFNder RWS with ANTARES Situational Awareness System

9.       Platforms, Systems & Other Components

9.1     Business

9.1.1       Boeing and Safran to Jointly Design, Build and Service Auxiliary Power Units

9.1.2       Northrop Grumman Completes Acquisition of Orbital ATK, Inc.

9.1.3       Approvals Reached in Elbit Systems' Acquisition of IMI Systems

9.2     Appointments

9.2.1       Raytheon UK Appoints Board Chairman

9.2.2       Lockheed Martin Appoints Lead for Middle East Business

9.2.3       Raytheon Board of Directors Elects New Member

9.2.4       Huntington Ingalls Industries Appoints COO for SN3

9.2.5       Lockheed Martin Elects New Member to Board of Directors

9.3     Contracts

9.3.1       FLIR Supplying for Black Hornet from US Army

9.3.2       Northrop Grumman Contracted for E-2D Advanced Hawkeye

9.3.3       Harris to Supply US Navy Digital Map Computers

9.3.4       Bell-Boeing to Upgrade V-22 Aircraft

9.3.5       Boeing Contracted for Hornet and Super Hornet Production

9.3.6       Lockheed Martin Contracted for F-35 LRIP

9.3.7       Leonardo DRS Wins US Army Combat Computing Contract

9.3.8       Northrop Grumman Contracted for BAMS Demonstrator

9.3.9       Bath Iron Works Contracted for DDG 51 Class Lead Yard Services

9.3.10     BAE Systems Contract for Efficient RF Surveillance Software

9.3.11     Morocco to Receive New-build Lockheed Martin F-16V

9.3.12     Electric Boat to Procure Onboard Repair Parts for Virginia Class Submarines

9.3.13     Lockheed Martin Canada to Provide In-Service Support for Halifax Class Frigates

9.3.14     Insitu to Supply ScanEagle UAS

9.3.15     US Approves Apache AH-64E Helicopters to India

9.3.16     Kongsberg Contracted for F-35 Structural Parts

9.3.17     Germany to Lease Israeli UAS

9.3.18     BAE Systems to Produce Bradley Armored Vehicles

9.3.19     Boeing Supporting FA-18 Life Cycle Upgrades

9.3.20     MacAulay-Brown Researching A2AD Synthetic Battlespace Prototyping

9.3.21     Oshkosh to Supply Recapitalized HEMTTs

9.3.22     DRS Supplying M1 Abrams SEPv2 B-Kits

9.3.23     Lockheed Martin Contracted for F-35 Lightning II Initial Air Vehicle Spares

9.3.1       Saab to Provide Additional Functionality for UAE’s GlobalEye AEW&C System

9.3.2       General Dynamics Contracted for Virginia Class Submarines

9.3.3       Oshkosh to Supply FMTV to US Army

9.3.4       U.S. Marines Award Amphibious Vehicle Deal to BAE Systems

9.3.5       General Dynamics to Upgrade Stryker Flat Bottom Vehicles to Double V-hull

9.3.6       L3 Communications Contract to Supply Two Gulfstream G550 Aircraft

9.3.7       Lockheed Martin to Supply F-16 V Block 70 Aircraft to the Kingdom of Bahrain

9.3.8       Lockheed Martin Contracted for F-35 Depot Implementation Plan

9.3.9       BAE Systems Land & Armaments Awarded Assault Amphibious Vehicle Contract

9.3.1       Abaco Systems to Support Deployment of Multi-Layered Defense Shield

9.3.2       Australia to Purchase Northrop Grumman Triton UAS

9.3.3       Raytheon Contracted for LOCUST Innovative Naval Prototype

9.3.4       Boeing Contracted for Kuwaiti Air Force F/A-18E and F/A-18F Super Hornets

9.3.5       General Dynamics Land Systems Contracted for M1A1 Abrams Electronics

9.3.6       Boeing to Supply Four New-build MH-47G Chinooks

9.3.7       Bell Boeing to Supply V-22

9.3.8       Insitu to Supply ScanEagle UAS to Lebanon

9.3.9       General Dynamics Bath Iron Works Support DDG 1000-class Destroyers

9.3.1       Northrop Grumman Contracted for US and UK Trident II (D5)

9.3.2       Korea Opts for Boeing P-8A Poseidon MPA

9.3.3       BAE Systems and ASC to Design and Build Anti-Submarine Fast Frigates

9.3.4       Hungary Orders H145Ms Helicopters

9.4     New Products

9.4.1       Abaco Introduces 6U VPX FPGA Embedded Computing Board

9.4.1       Elbit Systems Launches MAY

9.5     Other

9.5.1       US Navy Inducts MQ-4C Triton into Service

9.5.2       General Dynamics Team Completes Critical Test Phase for US Navy Knifefish UUV

9.5.3       Royal Netherlands Army Acquires Kodiak Engineering and Mine Clearance Tank

9.5.4       Lockheed Martin F-35 Comes Home to RAF Marham

9.5.5       Pentagon and Lockheed Martin Deliver 300th F-35 Aircraft

9.5.6       USAF Grounds B-1B Lancers

9.5.7       Nano Dimension Becomes Certified US DoD Vendor

9.5.8       P&W Opens Gator Works Prototyping Arm for New Engines

9.5.9       AM-CME Joins BAE Systems CV90 Team

9.5.10     Pratt & Whitney to Develop New Version of F-35 Engine

9.5.11     NATO Forces Deploy Elbit Systems Seagull USV During Joint ASW Exercise

9.5.12     Rockwell Collins Completes PDR for Tactical Combat Training System Increment II

9.5.13     GA-ASI Conducts Lightning Tests on MQ-9B

9.5.14     Saab and Damen Partnership for the Tamandaré Class Corvette

9.5.15     France, Germany Agreement to Develop Rafale/Typhoon Successor

9.5.16     Norway Cancels Tank Upgrade

9.5.17     KC-130J Completes Successful Harvest HAWK Plus Testing

9.5.18     Thailand Introduces Elbit Hermes 450 UAS

9.5.19     France Retires Mirage 2000N Nuclear Bomber

9.5.20     Israel Receives Additional Trio of F-35s

9.5.21     General Atomics Completes Aircraft Arrestor Tests

9.5.22     Boeing CH-47F Block II Helicopter Program Enters Final Assembly

9.5.23     Embraer Close to Completing Portuguese KC-390 Contract

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