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Author: Asif Anwar
Publication Date: Oct 24 2018
Pages: 65
Report Type: Report, Word

Defense Industry Review: July to September 2018 - Systems and Components

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Report Summary:

The growing opportunity for solid state technologies such as GaN continued to be reflected in developments across military radar, electronic warfare and military communications systems in the third quarter of 2018.

Table of Contents

1.       Executive Summary

2.       Introduction

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3.       Radar Technology

3.1     Contracts

3.1.1       Loughmiller Machine, Tool and Design to Manufacture Radar System Antenna Arrays

3.1.2       Aselsan to Supply Sehat Counter-Mortar Radar Systems

3.1.3       Finland Extends Surveillance Radar Maintenance Agreement with Thales

3.1.4       MDA Redstone Awards Three Contracts for Homeland Defense Radars

3.1.5       Cambridge Pixel Supplies Radar Acquisition and Display Technology

3.1.6       Radant Technologies Awarded Follow-On Contract for Airborne Radomes

3.1.7       US Army Selects Raytheon for Near-Term Counter-UAS Mission

3.1.8       Honeywell Contracted for Primus P700A Radar Production

3.1.9       Terma Supplying Scanter 6002 Radar for Royal Australian Navy OPVs

3.1.10     Saab Support Contract for UK Arthur Weapon Locating System Extended

3.1.11     Boeing Supporting French Air Force E-3F AWACS Fleet

3.1.12     RADA Announces Radar Orders

3.1.13     Leonardo Awarded Multiple Contracts for Selex Meteor Weather Radars

3.1.14     TOTE Services Contracted for SBX-1 O&M

3.1.15     Kratos Supporting US Navy Radar Systems

3.1.16     Raytheon to Provide AN/SPY-3 (V)1 Radar Equipment Conversion and Restoration

3.1.17     DRS Sustainment Systems to Repair MC-130H AN/APQ-170 Multi-Mode Radar System

3.1.18     Northrop Grumman to Supply Information Systems and Radar Units

3.1.19     Lockheed Martin Contracted for AN/SPY-1 Series Radar Antenna Refurbishment

3.1.20     Lockheed Martin Supplying Modernized-Radar Frequency Interferometers

3.1.21     Raytheon Supplying Spare Parts in Support of the APG-79 Radar System

3.1.22     Raytheon Contract in Support of F-18 AESA Radar System

3.1.23     Phalanx Baseline 2 Radar Upgrade Kits to the UK

3.1.24     Boeing Contracted for APG-82 Radar Modernization Program

3.1.25     Indra to Supply Lanza 3D Radar to the RTAF

3.1.26     Telephonics Contracted for AN/ZPY-4 Radar Support

3.1.27     Raytheon Contracted for E-3 AWACS Phase II Risk Reduction

3.1.28     Saab Arthur Support Contract from South Korea

3.1.29     Saab Defense and Security Contracted for X-Band Active Aperture Array R&D

3.1.30     Raytheon Supplying Ballistic Missile Early Warning System Receiver Exciter

3.2     New Products

3.2.1       Leonardo Launches New E-Scan Radar for Fighter Jets

3.3     Other

3.3.1       IMSAR Delivers First NSP-5 ER Radar

3.3.2       Japan Advances Radar Development Project

3.3.3       Russia Working on Radio-Photonic Radars for 6th-Gen Fighter Jets and UAS

3.3.4       Raytheon Demos Small X-Band Precision Approach Radar

3.3.5       Northrop Grumman Delivers First GaN G/ATOR System

3.3.6       Raytheon Invests in Advanced Manufacturing for Radar Development

3.3.7       BAE Systems Teams Up for Australian Radar Upgrade

3.3.1       Northrop Grumman Demos APG-83 SABR Radar for F/A-18C/D

3.3.2       Blighter Showcases E-scan Radars and C-UAS System

3.3.3       Successful Aegis Combat System Test Brings BMD to Japanese Fleet

3.3.4       USAF Soon to Begin Testing Space Fence

3.3.1       Leonardo DRS, RAFAEL Test Lighter TROPHY VPS

4.       Electronic Warfare

4.1     Contracts

4.1.1       Northrop Grumman Contracted for RCIED Electronic Warfare (JCREW) FRP

4.1.2       Northrop Grumman Precise Reference Sensing R&D

4.1.3       Leidos Innovations Supporting EW Target/Threat Systems at Test and Training Ranges

4.1.4       Saab Avitronics to Provide Smart Smart Dispenser Systems

4.1.5       Mercury Systems Supplying RF Modules for Airborne EW Application

4.1.6       SRC to Supply Next-Generation Multi-Mission EW Systems

4.1.7       Raytheon Contracted for Miniature Air-Launched Decoy Missile Production

4.1.8       Raytheon to Upgrade Legacy Hornets with New Countermeasures

4.1.9       Elbit Systems to Supply EW Suites for Israeli Navy

4.1.10     Spectranetix Contracted for U.S. Army CMOSS Prototype Development

4.1.11     Lockheed Martin Contracted for AN/BLQ-10 EW System for Navy Submarines

4.1.12     Saab Grintek to Provide Self-protection Systems for Indian Dhruv Helicopters

4.1.13     Harris to Supply EW Systems for International F-16s

4.1.14     BAE Systems to Supply F-35 T-1687/ALE-70(V) Countermeasures

4.1.15     Northrop Grumman Contracted for AN/ALT-16 Antennas

4.1.16     Mercury Systems Contracted for SWEC Program

4.1.17     SRC Contracted for EW Integrated Reprogramming

4.1.18     Mercury Systems Awarded RF Microelectronics Subsystem Order

4.1.19     Rheinmetall to Demonstrate its ADS Active Protection System on US Army Strykers

4.1.20     CPI Receives Modified Purchase Orders for NGJ-MB

4.1.21     Lockheed Martin Contract for B-2 Digital Countermeasure Receiver

4.1.22     Antenna Associates to Produce Band III Semi-Omni Antennas

4.1.23     Georgia Tech Applied Research Supporting B-1B

4.1.24     Harris to Provide EW Suite for CV-22 Program

4.1.25     Northrop Grumman Contracted for SEWIP Block 3

4.1.26     Northrop Grumman Supporting Software Modernization Program

4.1.27     CPI Radant Supplying Radomes for AN/ALQ-99(V) System

4.1.28     Northrop Grumman Providing Support for Special Electronic Mission Aircraft

4.1.29     Raytheon for Miniature Air Launch Decoy-Navy (MALD-N) Air Vehicle Development

4.2     New Products

4.2.1       Leonardo Launches Latest-Generation Communications Intelligence System

4.3     Other

4.3.1       BAE Systems Moving Compass Call EW System to Modern Business Jet

4.3.2       Russia Developing Anti-Satellite EW Plane

4.3.3       MALD-X Stand-In Jammer Completes Free Flight Testing

4.3.4       Russia Fields New Spectrum EW System for Exercise

4.3.5       T&G Nordic and Terma Agreement on Naval Defense Electronic Equipment


5.1     Contracts

5.1.1       Kongsberg Defence Systems to Integrate Joint Strike Missiles on the F-35

5.1.2       Lockheed Martin Contracted for Aegis Ashore Missile Defense System

5.1.3       Finnish Navy to Acquire Israeli Gabriel Anti-Ship Missiles

5.1.4       DSCA Notifies Congress of Possible Sale of AIM-120 C-7 AMRAAMs to Denmark

5.1.5       DSCA Notifies Congress of Possible Sale of AIM-120D AMRAAMs to UK

5.1.6       Raytheon to Deliver SM-3 Rounds

5.1.7       Raytheon Contracted for MK-31 Guided Missile Weapon System Improvement Program

5.1.8       Lockheed Martin Contracted for Terminal High Altitude Area Defense Field Support

5.1.9       Raytheon Missile Systems Contracted for Joint Standoff Weapon Extended Range

5.1.10     Leonardo to Supply Black Shark Advanced Torpedo

5.1.11     Raytheon Contracted for Mk 57 NATO Sea Sparrow Surface Missile System ESSM

5.1.12     Raytheon/Lockheed Martin Javelin for Javelin FRP

5.1.13     MBDA Contracted for MICA Modernization

5.1.14     Lockheed Martin Contracted for FY19 Trident II (D5) Missile Production and Support

5.1.15     Mnemonics Contracted for RF-RAMS MK152 Production

5.1.16     Systima Technologies Contracted for Stand-Off Precision Guided Munitions

5.1.17     Raytheon Contract Mod for AMRAAM Technical Support

5.1.1       Lockheed Martin to Support Aegis BMD Increment 3 Capability Concept Development

5.1.2       DSCA Notifies Congress of Possible Sale of ESSM to Mexico

5.1.3       Lockheed Martin Contracted for HIMARS Launchers for FMS to Romania

5.1.4       Raytheon Contracted for Paveway Family

5.1.5       Lockheed Martin Contracted for AGM-183A ARRW Development and Production

5.1.6       Lockheed Martin Contracted for Joint Air-to-Ground Missiles

5.1.7       IAI to Supply Barak-8 Missile Defense Systems for Navy Sa'ar-6 Corvettes

5.1.8       Progeny Systems Contracted for Production of MK54 Mod 1 Lightweight Torpedo Kits

5.1.9       Raytheon/Lockheed Martin Javelin JV Contract for Weapon System Modernization

5.1.10     India's MoD Awards Missiles and Munitions Contracts

5.1.11     Raytheon Missile Systems Contract for Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile Block I

5.1.12     Serco Contracted for CIWS Waterfront Installation

5.1.13     Raytheon to Repair HARM AGM-88B/C Guidance Sections

5.1.14     Lockheed Martin Contracted for JASSM-XR

5.1.15     Boeing Contracted for Small Diameter Bomb I Production

5.1.16     Lockheed Martin Supplying Joint Air-to-Ground Missiles

5.1.17     General Dynamics Contracted for Bomb Bodies

5.1.18     Raytheon to Repair AIM-9X Tactical and Captive Air Training Missiles

5.1.19     Orbital Sciences to Provide Three ICBM Target Kits

5.1.20     General Dynamics – OTS to Supply Hydra Rockets

5.1.21     Raytheon Technical Services Contracted for TOW Subsystem

5.1.22     Northrop Grumman to Procure Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile

5.1.23     Raytheon/Lockheed Martin Javelin JV Contracted for Javelin FRP

5.1.24     General Dynamics Supporting US and UK SSBN Fire Control Systems

5.1.25     Lockheed Martin to Supply HIMARS

5.1.26     Raytheon Contracted for Patriot Fire Unit FMS to Poland

5.1.27     MBDA Contracted for Meteor BVRAAMs Warheads and Ramjet Engines

5.1.28     BAE Systems Contracted for MK 41 VLS Canister Production

5.1.29     Raytheon Contracted for MK 15 CIWS Upgrades and Conversions

5.2     Other

5.2.1       Israeli Missile Defense Systems Successfully Completes Tests Series

5.2.2       NATO SeaSparrow Conducts Successful Flight Test of ESSM Block 2

5.2.1       France Receives US OK for Export of Scalp Missiles to Egypt

5.2.2       Joint Strike Missile Scores Direct Hit in F-16 Flight Test

5.2.3       Intercept Sets Distance Record for Lockheed Martin Hit-to-Kill PAC-3 MSE

5.2.1       Sweden Signs Agreement for Hit-to-Kill PAC-3 MSE Missiles

5.2.2       Philippine Navy Completes Sea Acceptance Test of Spike ER Missile System

5.2.1       Varley and Rafael to Supply Spike LR2 Missiles for Australia’s Boxer

5.2.2       Roketsan Begins Serial Production of OMTAS ATGM for Turkish Armed Forces

5.2.3       Rafael Unveils Spike ER2 Multipurpose Precision-Guided Missile

5.2.4       SM-3 Intercepts Ballistic Missile Target During Japanese Test at Sea

5.2.5       MBDA and Kongsberg to Integrate MMP on Remote Weapon Stations

5.2.6       General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Reaper First Air-to-air “Kill” in USAF Trial

6.       Comms & Nav

6.1     Contracts

6.1.1       Raytheon Contracted for Polar Satellite Ground System

6.1.2       Altamira Awarded AFRL Contract for RF R&D

6.1.3       Advantech Wireless Technologies Receives Order for GaN-based BUCs

6.1.4       Orbit Communication Systems Contracted for USAF Airborne Digital Interphone System

6.1.5       Harris Contracted for AN/PRC-160 Radios

6.1.6       CACI to Develop Rapid Response Electronic Communications Systems

6.1.7       BAE Systems for Receiver-Transmitter and Other Replacement Parts

6.1.8       Comtech Telecommunications Contracted for Satellite Modems

6.1.9       Rockwell Collins to Supply AN/ARC-210 Radio

6.1.10     Alga Microwave to Supply GaAs-based BUCs

6.1.11     Lockheed Martin Selected as Integrated Systems Developer for ExLF Program

6.1.12     L3 Technologies Working on Protected Forward Communications

6.1.13     Aselsan to Supply SDR Military Family of Products to Ukraine

6.1.14     Lockheed Martin Space Systems Contracted for AEHF Satellite Vehicle 4

6.1.15     Rockwell Collins Supplying Communications/Electronic Equipment and Services

6.1.16     Raytheon Supporting Miniaturized Airborne GPS Receiver Development

6.1.17     GATR Technologies to Supply Inflatable Satellite Antennas

6.1.18     General Dynamics Contracted for ATC Radio Replacement Program

6.1.19     SSL to Develop Antenna Subsystem Prototypes

6.1.20     L-3 Contracted for Ka-band Communications

6.1.21     Harris to Provide Fiber Channel Network Switches

6.1.22     Rockwell Collins Contracted for AN/ARC-210 Radio Equipment

6.1.23     Mercury Receives Order for GPS Modules

6.1.24     Sierra Nevada Contracted for Tactical Radio Application eXtension

6.1.25     Companies Competing for US Army Program

6.1.26     Northrop Grumman Contracted for IFF Mode 5 for BACN Platform Fleet

6.1.27     L3 Interstate Electronics Contracted for SMART Antenna Component Refresh

6.1.28     DCX-CHOL Enterprises Contracted for US Army SINCGARS Cable Assemblies

6.1.1       ViaSat Contracted for MIDS JTRS Efforts

6.1.2       Fidelity Technologies to Supply SINCGARS Installation Kits

6.1.3       Advanced Electronics Company to Supply Panther Radio Systems

6.1.4       Harris Receives Orders for 1,540 Two-Channel Handheld Radios

6.1.5       Rockwell Collins Awarded First Long-Term Contract

6.1.6       ACC-APG FMS Contracts with Raytheon for ARC-231 Hardware

6.1.7       Thales Awarded Contract for Leader Radio for Battlefield Communications

6.1.8       Rockwell Collins to Produce DAGR Units

6.2     New Products

6.2.1       Persistent Systems to Launch New Auto-Tracking Antenna System for MPU5 Radio

6.2.1       ATLAS Deploys First Multi-Band, Multi-Satellite Electronically Steered Array

6.3     Other

6.3.1       Direct Communication between Submarines and Airplanes

6.3.2       Northrop Grumman and DARPA Set New Standard for Wireless Transmission Speed

6.3.3       DARPA Effort Seeks Alternative to GPS

6.3.4       Lockheed Martin Preparing Ground System Support for GPS III and M-Code Operations

6.3.5       WB Electronics Reveals U-Gate, New Software-Defined Radios

6.3.6       Thales and Thailand’s DTI Partner on Vehicle Communications

6.3.7       General Dynamics Mission Systems Releases Updated MUOS Waveform

7.       Optoelectronics, Electro-optics & Sensors

7.1     Business

7.1.1       Excelitas Technologies Acquires Research Electro Optics

7.1.1       FLIR Invests in CVEDIA to Expand AI Expertise for Autonomous Sensing

7.1.1       Ball Aerospace Receives Exclusive License to Build Geiger-mode LIDAR Cameras

7.2     Contracts

7.2.1       Applied Research Associates Sensors Program Award

7.2.2       Lockheed Martin Contracted for AN/VSQ-6B VOSS Spare Parts

7.2.1       Northrop Grumman Contracted for AN/AQS-24 Mine Detecting System

7.2.1       Nartron Contracted for HMMWV Directional Signal Lights

7.2.2       Raytheon to Develop Laser Weapon System for US Army Tactical Vehicles

7.2.3       Raytheon Projector Selected for UAE F-16 BAE Systems Digital Head-Up Display

7.2.4       Northrop Grumman Supporting Fleet Repairs of F-18 ATFLIR Weapon Systems

7.2.5       Raytheon to Provide Multi-Spectral Targeting Systems Sustainment Support Services

7.2.6       Lockheed Martin Contracted for LANTIRN LM-STAR Testing System

7.2.7       Elbit to Supply V-22 Displays

7.2.8       General Dynamics Contracted for Heads-Up Display Units

7.2.1       UES Contracted for Flash and Laser Airborne Protection System (PLAPS) Program

7.2.2       Raytheon and DRS Network & Imaging Systems Contracted for FLIR

7.2.3       Lockheed Martin Sippican Contracted for CBASS Production and Support

7.2.4       Honeywell International Contract for Ring Laser Gyroscopes

7.2.5       Raytheon Contracted for Bradley Fighting Vehicle Displays Assemblies

7.2.6       Boeing Contracted for F/A-18E/F Block II IRST Block II Development Phase II

7.2.7       General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems Contracted for MQ-9 UAS Advanced Sensor

7.2.8       Boeing for F-15 Legion Pod Infrared Search-and-Track (IRST) Pods

7.2.9       Progeny Systems Contracted for MK 54 Mod 1 LWT Sonar Assembly Kits

7.2.10     L3 Supplying AN/PSQ-20B ENVG Image Intensifier Tubes

7.2.11     FLIR Systems Contracted for Milsight T75 Long-Range Thermal Weapon Sights

7.2.12     Raytheon Supporting Navy MQ-4C Helicopter Triton MTS

7.2.13     L-3 Communications Contracted for RQ-7B TUAV Payload

7.2.14     Lockheed Martin Contracted for Modernized Day Sensor Assembly Kits

7.2.15     Raytheon Contract for Support of CH-53 and V-22 Forward Looking Infrared System

7.2.16     DRS Contracted for Lightweight Laser Designator Rangefinder 3 Production

7.2.17     L3 Technologies Contracted for TB-23 Towed Array Systems

7.2.18     Raytheon Supporting US Navy EP3 MTS

7.2.19     Lockheed Martin to Provide CLS for SBIRS

7.2.1       Alloy Surfaces to Manufacture MJU-66 Decoy Flares

7.2.2       Armtec Countermeasures and Kilgore Flares Contracted for MJU-61 A/B Flares

7.2.3       Lockheed Martin Contract Modification for TB-37 Arrays and Ancillary Equipment

7.2.4       Rockwell Collins Supporting JHMCS for F-15 and F-16 aircraft

7.2.5       Lockheed Martin Supporting the AN/BVY-1 Integrated Submarine Imaging System

7.2.6       Intellisense Systems Awarded Contract for Micro Weather Sensor

7.2.7       Lockheed Martin Contracted for AN/BVY-1 Integrated Submarine Imaging System

7.2.8       Elbit Systems Contracted for F/A-18E/F Various Display Replacements

7.2.1       Northrop Grumman Supplying for LAIRCM Hardware

7.2.1       Bell-Boeing JPO Contracted for IRCM Processor Replacement

7.3     New Products

7.3.1       EMCORE Introduces EN-150 Precision FOG-Based IMU

7.4     Other

7.4.1       Air Tractor and L3 Add BAE Systems Sensor Technology to AT-802L Longsword

7.4.1       L3 WESCAM Delivers EOIR System for Canada's FWSAR Program

7.4.2       Royal Navy Accepts New Thales Mine Hunting Sonar

7.4.1       South Korea Develops Advanced Heat-Seeking Missile Countermeasure

7.4.2       Gulfstream Delivers Telemetry Range Support Aircraft Platform to U.S. Navy

7.4.3       Lockheed Martin Completes 400th EOTS for the F-35

8.       RF and Microwave

8.1     Contracts

8.1.1       Teledyne Supporting SPY-1 Radar TWTs

8.1.1       Akoustis Announces BAW RF Filter Design Win and Commercial Production Order

8.1.1       TMD Receives TWT Order for Search and Rescue Radar

8.1.1       Mercury Systems Contracted for RF Microelectronics for Naval Radar Application

8.1.2       Filtronic Enters Multi-Year Supply Agreement for Microwave Modules

8.2     New Products

8.2.1       ADI Introduces Wideband Microwave Synthesizer

8.2.2       Custom MMIC Adds LNA and Phase-shifter MMICs

8.2.3       Wolfspeed Launches New Radar Technologies at European Microwave Week

8.2.4       MACOM DC to 30 GHz SPDT Non-Reflective RF Switch

8.2.5       MACOM Wideband LNA in Surface Mount Package Performance Comparable to Bare-die Version

8.3     Other

8.3.1       US Air Force GaN Technology to be Transferred to BAE Systems

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