Defense Industry Review: December 2018

Report Summary:

The close of 2018 saw the continued use of GaN in radar, EW and communications systems with contracts and ongoing development. Power electronics is another area in which the advantages offered by GaN technology have been steadily explored and developed over the past several years. While the primary focus has been on the commercial market, the military sector is also starting to take note.

Table of Contents

1.       Executive Summary

2.       Introduction

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3.       Radar Technology

3.1     Contracts

3.1.1       Saab Contracted for GaN-based AESA Giraffe 4A and Arthur Radars

3.1.2       ELTA Systems to Supply Advanced Multi-mode Radars and an EW Protection System

3.1.3       Thales to Provide STIR 1.2 EO Mk2 Fire Control Radars

3.1.4       SRC Contracted for Counter-Mortar Radar System

3.1.1       Canada Details Ship Radar Antenna Upgrade for Halifax-class

3.1.2       Lockheed Martin to Design, Develop and Deliver the HDR-H

3.1.3       Raytheon Contracted for AN/SPY-6(V) Radar Integration and Production Support

3.1.4       ThalesRaytheonSystems Contracted for Sentinel Radar Production

3.1.5       Raytheon Contracted for Repair of F/A-18 APG 65/73 Radar

3.1.1       Longbow to Provide Cycle Support

3.1.1       Raytheon Contracted for Sentinel Life Cycle Support

3.1.2       Raytheon Contracted for Enhanced Sentinel A3 radars

3.2     Other

3.2.1       Saab Establishes New Business Unit

3.2.2       Lockheed Martin Readies Its Latest L-Band Radar for Production

3.2.3       Rostec Upgrades A-50 AEW&C Aircraft

4.       Electronic Warfare

4.1     Business

4.1.1       SRC Launches New Canadian Company

4.2     Contracts

4.2.1       Elbit to Supply Airborne Intelligence Systems

4.2.1       Northrop Grumman for Joint Threat Emitter (JTE) Simulator

4.2.2       India Selects IAI/Elta Systems Radar and EW Suite for Tejas LCA Mk 1A

4.2.3       Indra and Atlas Elektronik to Provide ESM for German Navy K130 Corvette

4.2.4       NRL Awards Contracts for EW Systems

4.2.5       Brazil Upgrading Bahia LPD Navigation, EW Systems

4.2.6       Harris Contracted for Digital Receiver/Technique Generator Gen2 Shipsets

4.2.7       BAE Systems Contracted to Repair Aircraft EW Systems

4.2.8       BAE Systems to Supply AN/ALE-55 Fiber Optic Towed Decoy

4.2.9       Lockheed Martin Contracted for SEWIP Block 2 FRP

4.2.10     Northrop Grumman Contracted for SEWIP Block 3 LRIP

4.2.11     Cohort Subsidiary to Supply EW Operational Support Software to Thailand

4.3     Other

4.3.1       Schiebel CAMCOPTER S-100 Tests COMINT and Imaging Payloads


5.1     Contracts

5.1.1       General Dynamics Contracted for Bomb Kits

5.1.2       Harris Contracted for BRU-55A/A Aircraft Bomb Ejector Racks

5.1.3       Lockheed Martin Contracted for Lot 2 AGM-158C LRASM Production

5.1.4       Raytheon Contracted for SM-2 Block IIIC EMD

5.1.5       Raytheon Contracted for Fiscal 2019 NATO ESSM Block 2 LRIP

5.1.6       Raytheon Contracted for Over-The-Horizon Weapon Systems

5.1.7       Raytheon Contracted for Fiscal 2019 ESSM Block 1 Production and Spares

5.1.8       Lockheed Martin Contracted for LRIP Lot 3 JAGM Missiles

5.1.9       Lockheed Martin Space Contract for Trident II (D5) Missile Production

5.1.10     Raytheon Contracted for JSOW-ER

5.1.11     Raytheon Contracted for AIM-9X Sidewinder Block I/II/II+ Work

5.1.12     Raytheon Contracted for SDB II LRIP Lot 5 Production

5.1.13     Patriot Missile System and Related Support and Equipment to Turkey

5.1.14     Lockheed Martin Space Supporting Trident II (D5) Missile Production

5.1.15     Lockheed Martin to Increase JASSM/LRASM Production

5.1.16     Raytheon Supporting Sweden with PATRIOT Missile System

5.1.17     Lockheed Martin Awarded PATRIOT Missiles Contract

5.1.18     Raytheon Contracted for Production of Aegis Weapon System Fire Control System

5.1.19     General Dynamics Contracted Mod for US and UK Submarine Fire Control System

5.1.20     Raytheon Contracted for Zumwalt Capability and Design Support to SM-2

5.1.21     Raytheon Missile Systems Contracted for Procurement of AIM-9X Missiles

5.1.22     Raytheon Contracted for Land-based Phalanx Weapon System

5.1.1       Raytheon Contracted for Phalanx Support

5.2     Other

5.2.1       Elbit Systems Teams with Leonardo to Develop Torpedo Capability for Seagull USV

5.2.2       RAF Typhoons First Launch with MBDA Meteor Air-to-Air Missile

5.2.3       MBDA Sea Venom-ANL Missile Marks Further Trials Milestone

5.2.4       Lockheed Martin LRASM Reaches Early Operational Capability (EOC) Status

6.       Comms & Nav

6.1     Contracts

6.1.1       General Dynamics Land Systems Supporting Work on Abrams Tank SINCGARs

6.1.2       Rockwell Collins Supporting USAF Airborne Radios

6.1.3       Raytheon Contracted for Force Element Terminal (FET) Risk Reduction Effort

6.1.4       Boeing Contracted for Wideband Global Satellite Support

6.1.5       Saab to Support Swedish Military ATC Systems

6.1.6       Bittium Wireless Supplying SDR Tactical Radios

6.1.7       Rockwell Collins to Support Boeing E-6B Mercury Aircraft

6.1.8       Rockwell Collins to Provide AN/ARC-210 Radio Equipment

6.1.1       Raytheon Contracted for IFF Transponders

6.1.2       Harris to Provide Wideband Satellite Communications Mission Support

6.1.3       Raytheon to Deliver Fully-integrated NMTs

6.1.4       Lockheed Martin to Provide Navigation Subsystem

6.1.5       Lockheed Martin Contracted for GPS Control-Segment Sustainment

6.2     Other

6.2.1       Harris Corporation Successfully Launches First Smallsat

6.2.2       Hughes Demos Advanced Modem Interface for Military Leaders

7.       RF and Microwave

7.1     Contracts

7.1.1       L3 Contracted for Klystron Power Amplifier Service, Spares, Repair, and Overhaul

7.1.1       Teledyne Wireless Contracted for Aegis 10kW/13kW TWT Production and Repair

7.2     New Products

7.2.1       MACOM Introduces New Switch Drivers

7.2.2       MACOM Debuts New Ultra Low Phase Noise Amplifier

7.3     Other

7.3.1       Meteksan Uses AWR Software for GaN Design

8.       Optoelectronics, Electro-optics & Sensors

8.1     Contracts

8.1.1       Lockheed Martin to Provide AH-64E M-TADS/PNVS Support

8.1.1       Northrop Grumman Contracted for LAIRCM Equipment and Support

8.1.2       Raytheon Contracted for F/A-18 Advanced Targeting Forward Looking Infrared System

8.1.3       Raytheon Contract for Abrams Tank Display Control Modules

8.1.4       FLIR Systems Providing EO/IR Surveillance Sensors for UH-1N Replacement Contract

8.1.5       Raytheon Contract for Repair of H-60 Multi-Spectral Targeting System

8.1.6       ERAPSCO and Lockheed Martin Contracted for AN/SSQ-125A Series Sonobuoys

8.1.1       DRS Airborne and Intelligence Systems Contracted for HH-60G DAIRCM

8.1.1       Daylight Defense Contracted Infrared Countermeasures

8.1.2       Raytheon Contract for Reaper MQ-9 Sensors Contractor Logistics Support

8.1.1       FLIR Systems to Repair and Reufurbish FLIR Radar

8.1.2       Northrop Grumman Contracted for LITENING Advanced Targeting Pod Work

8.2     New Products

8.2.1       Saab Launches New Laser Rangefinder Vidar

9.       Platforms, Systems & Other Components

9.1     Business

9.1.1       Airbus and Lockheed Team for US Tanker Services

9.1.1       Ashok Leyland and Elbit Systems Sign MOU for High Mobility Vehicles

9.1.2       Kongsberg Gruppen, Patria Oyj Agree to Acquire AIM Norway

9.2     Appointments

9.2.1       Harris Corporation CEO Named Chairman of AIA Board of Governors

9.2.2       Northrop Grumman Elects Vice President, Communications

9.2.3       Astronics Corporation Appoints Member to Board of Directors

9.2.4       New Head of Saab Latin America

9.3     Contracts

9.3.1       General Dynamics Contracted for M1 Abrams ExAPS Mounting Kit and Ballast Kits

9.3.2       Boeing to Supply KC-46A to Japan

9.3.3       Northrop Grumman to Install Aerial Refueling Retrofit Kits E-2D Advanced Hawkeye

9.3.4       Poland Contracts with Polish Armaments Group to Provide 12 PGZ-19R UAS

9.3.5       General Dynamics Electric Boat Contracted for Virginia Class Submarines

9.3.6       BAE Systems to Support Mk 41 Vertical Launching System

9.3.7       L3 Contracted for In-Service Support of CC-150 Polaris Fleet

9.3.1       Abaco Contracted for FPGA Platforms

9.3.2       Transphorm Contracted for Research and Development Effort

9.3.3       Airbus to Supply Airbus A330 MRTT Tankers

9.3.1       Poland Firms Options for Four More M-346 Trainers

9.3.2       BAE Systems and General Dynamics Contracted for MPF Vehicle Development

9.3.3       Kratos to Support C5ISR Systems

9.3.4       GE Aviation Contracted for F414-GE-400 Install Engines for F/A-18E/F Aircraft

9.3.5       Saab Launch Order for Deployable Aircraft Maintenance Facility

9.3.6       General Atomics Contracted for MQ-9 Support and Services

9.3.7       Orbital Sciences to Supply Coyote Supersonic Sea Skimming Target Base Vehicles

9.3.8       Marshall Signs 14-Year Contract to Support Royal Netherlands Air Force C-130H

9.3.9       Lockheed Martin Contracted for F-16 V-configuration Upgrades

9.3.10     Boeing Contracted for CH-47 Aircraft Program Support

9.3.11     Bell Boeing Contracted for V-22 Osprey Support

9.3.12     Boeing Contracted for F/A-18 Integrated Product Support

9.3.13     Rolls-Royce Contract for T-45 F405-RR-401 Adour Engines

9.3.14     Bath Iron Works Contracted for Construction of a DDG 51 Class Ship

9.3.15     Boeing to Provide Maintenance Augmentation Team Services

9.3.1       Lockheed Martin $712.5 M F-35 Avionics Upgrade Contract

9.3.1       Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering to Refit KDX-I-class Destroyers

9.3.1       Huntington Ingalls Awarded USS Enterprise Material Procurement Funds

9.3.2       Bell Boeing JPO Contracted for MV-22 Osprey

9.3.3       Boeing Contracted Mod for Block III Capability for Production of F/A-18E/F and EA-18G

9.3.4       Boeing Contracted for B-1 and B-52 Bomber Engineering

9.4     New Products

9.4.1       SSDI Introduces GaN FETs for Power Electronics

9.4.1       Northrop Grumman Reveals Enhanced Firebird

9.5     Other

9.5.1       Boeing KC-46 Tanker Program Completes Phase II Receiver Certification Testing

9.5.2       Leonardo Deploys Falco EVO as Part of Frontex Test Program

9.5.3       Northrop Grumman Doubles Current Production Capability

9.5.4       Marotta Controls Using Transphorm GaN

9.5.5       Japan to Secure More US Platforms

9.5.1       Boeing Completes NATO AWACS Upgrades

9.5.2       Airbus Makes First Unmanned Flight in VSR700 Helicopter

9.5.3       100th Su-35 Fighter Produced in Russia

9.5.4       First Flight for Dassault Aviation Rafale F3-R

9.5.5       Leonardo Flies First Production-standard M-345 Jet Trainer

9.5.6       USAF to Add Boeing F-15X

9.5.1       Ukraine Returns EW Helicopters to Service

9.5.2       British Army Receives Pioneering Bomb Disposal Robots

9.5.3       Sikorsky, Boeing Provide First Look at SB>1 DEFIANT

9.5.4       Australia’s First Hobart-Class Destroyer Completes Weapons, Systems Evaluation

9.5.5       Upgraded Tu-22M3M Strategic Bomber Performs First Flight

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