Analyzing the 20 Largest Suppliers in the Aerospace and Defense Market: General Dynamics (#6) - BAE Systems (#10)

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Report Summary:

This series of reports assesses several factors, including a SWOT analysis of the twenty largest Aerospace and Defense companies. Of the $1.9 trillion in total defense expenditures in 2019, these companies account for $676 billion of revenue. Boeing accounted for ~15% of this total revenue, and Chinese company AVIC, focusing on the domestic market cracked the top 5. This report looks at #6- #10.
Table of Contents


1.      Executive Summary

2.      Introduction

3.      Aerospace and Defense Prime Market Sectors

3.1    Major platform sectors/product categories

4.      Overview of Market Sizes and Trends

4.1    Market segmentation, forecasts and trends

5.      Top Twenty Global Suppliers

5.1    General Dynamics

5.1.1     Financial summary

5.1.2     Aircraft portfolio

5.1.3     Products/contracts

5.1.4     Strengths

5.1.5     Weaknesses

5.1.6     Opportunities

5.1.7     Threats

5.2    Northrop Grumman

5.2.1     Financial summary

5.2.2     Aircraft portfolio

5.2.3     Products/contracts

5.2.4     Strengths

5.2.5     Weaknesses

5.2.6     Opportunities

5.2.7     Threats

5.3    GE Aviation

5.3.1     Financial summary

5.3.2     Engine portfolio

5.3.3     Products/contracts

5.3.4     Strengths

5.3.5     Weaknesses

5.3.6     Opportunities

5.3.7     Threats

5.4    Raytheon

5.4.1     Financial summary

5.4.2     Product portfolio

5.4.3     Products/contracts

5.4.4     Strengths

5.4.5     Weaknesses

5.4.6     Opportunities

5.4.7     Threats

5.5    BAE Systems

5.5.1     Financial summary

5.5.2     Platform portfolio

5.5.3     Products/contracts

5.5.4     Strengths

5.5.5     Weaknesses

5.5.6     Opportunities

5.5.7     Threats

6.      Summary and Conclusions

7.      How Can We Help You?


Exhibit 3‑1   Aerospace and Defense platform sectors/product types

Exhibit 4‑1   Aerospace and Defense platform segment forecasts

Exhibit 5‑1   Comparison of Net Earnings and Revenue for Top Twenty Suppliers

Exhibit 5‑2   General Dynamics revenue/earnings/backlog

Exhibit 5‑3   General Dynamics revenue by business

Exhibit 5‑4   General Dynamics aircraft portfolio/deliveries

Exhibit 5‑5   General Dynamics products/contracts

Exhibit 5‑6   Northrop Grumman revenue/earnings/backlog

Exhibit 5‑7   Northrop Grumman revenue by business

Exhibit 5‑8   Northrop Grumman aircraft portfolio

Exhibit 5‑9   Northrop Grumman products/contracts

Exhibit 5‑10 GE Aviation revenue/earnings/backlog

Exhibit 5‑11 GE Aviation revenue by business

Exhibit 5‑12 GE Aviation engine portfolio

Exhibit 5‑13 GE Aviation products/contracts

Exhibit 5‑14 Raytheon revenue/earnings/backlog

Exhibit 5‑15 Raytheon revenue by business

Exhibit 5‑16 Raytheon product portfolio

Exhibit 5‑17 Raytheon products/contracts

Exhibit 5‑18 BAE Systems revenue/earnings/backlog

Exhibit 5‑19 BAE Systems revenue by business

Exhibit 5‑20 BAE Systems platform portfolio

Exhibit 5‑21 BAE Systems products/contracts

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