Author: Asif Anwar

Publication Date: Mar 26 2014

Pages: 15

Report Type: Data Table, Excel

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Airborne EW (EA) Systems and Components Forecast 2012-2022

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Report Summary:

Global spending on EW is forecast to grow to over $9.3 billion through 2022 with spending on airborne RF EW systems receiving a boost as the emphasis shifts back towards re-establishing airborne EW capabilities that can counter anti-access, area-denial systems. There will be a renewed focus on EA capabilities based on conventional platforms such as fast-jets and other aircraft, supplemented by the potential capabilities that fifth generation platforms such as the F-35 will bring, as well as air-launched, podded and towed systems, and UAS platforms featuring EW payloads. The increasingly congested and complex spectrum environment will require capable EA systems that are able to operate across wider bandwidths and Strategy Analytics forecasts that this emphasis will translate to the associated market for components growing at a CAGR approaching 10 percent through 2022.

Table of Contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Conclusions
    3. Global Defense Expenditure
    4. EW Expenditure
    5. Airborne EW (EA) Shipments
    6. EW (EW) Market Segmentation
    7. UAV Regional Segmentation
    8. UAV Frequency Segmentation
    9. Aircraft Regional Segmentation
    10. Aircraft Frequency Segmentation
    11. Fast-jet Regional Segmentation
    12. Fast-jet Frequency Segmentation
    13. EW (EA) Transceiver Shipments
    14. Transceiver Electronics

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