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Author: Asif Anwar

Publication Date: Dec 04 2013

Pages: 18

Report Type: Data Table, Excel


Airborne Communications Systems and Components Forecast 2012-2022

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Report Summary:

Continued investment in communications capabilities will translate into the market for airborne radios growing at a CAGR of almost 2 percent to reach almost $1.3 billion in 2022. Fast-jet platforms represent the bulk of volumes in terms of a singular platform. The emerging UAV market will represent the fastest growth with an expanding range and mission envelope driving demand for communication systems with an emphasis on Ku-band and Ka-band frequencies. The emphasis on multiband radios will drive growth but overall volumes will limit the electronic component market to around $79 million, with growth for both GaAs and GaN semiconductor technologies alongside demand for tube-based and silicon electronics.

Table of Contents

    Global Defense Expenditure
    Communications Expenditure
    Airborne Radio Shipments
    Radio Market Segmentation
    UAV Regional Segmentation
    UAV Frequency Segmentation
    Aircraft Regional Segmentation
    Aircraft Frequency Segmentation
    Fast-jet Regional Segmentation
    Fast-jet Frequency Segmentation
    Radio Transceiver Shipments
    Transceiver Electronics

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