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Wireless Point-to-Point Radio Component Demand 2010-2015

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Report Summary:

Rapidly increasing consumption of mobile data will drive growth in the number of point-to-point radios used in wireless backhaul applications. The market, however, is very fragmented with 28 distinct backhaul bands spanning 2-86 GHz. Strategy Analytics forecasts the number of point-to-point radios will grow to nearly 2.1 million in 2015 at which time they will account for $300 million of total RF device revenue.
Table of Contents

    1 Executive Summary
    2 Introduction
    3 Wireless Point-to-Point Radio and Component Demand
      3.1 Wireless Point-to-Point Radio Demand: 2010-2015
        3.1.1 Wireless Point-to-Point Radio Demand by Geography: 2010-2015
        3.1.2 Wireless Point-to-Point Radio Demand by Frequency: 2010-2015
        3.1.3 Wireless Point-to-Point Radio Demand by Application: 2010-2015
      3.2 RF Radio Functions
        3.2.1 RF Component Revenue in Point-to-Point Radios: 2010-2015
        3.2.2 RF Component Shipments in Point-to-Point Radios: 2010-2015
        3.2.3 RF Component Revenue in Point-to-Point Radios by Frequency: 2010-2015
        3.2.4 RF Component Shipments in Point-to-Point Radios by Frequency
        3.2.5 RF Component Revenue in Point-to-Point Radios by Process Technology
        3.2.6 RF Component Shipments in Point-to-Point Radios by Process Technology
      3.3 2010 Point-to-Point Radio Shipments
        3.3.1 2010 Radio Shipments by OEM
        3.3.2 2010 Radio Shipments by Frequency Range
    4 Backhaul Networks
      4.1 Transport Media
        4.1.1 T1/E1
        4.1.2 Fiber Optic Cable
        4.1.3 Free Space Optics
        4.1.4 "Microwave" (Point-to-Point)
 Point-to-Point (PtP)
 Point-to-Multipoint (PmP)
      4.2 Transport Protocols
        4.2.1 Time Division Multiplexing (TDM)
 Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy (PDH)
 Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH)/Synchronous Optical Networking (SONET)
        4.2.2 Packet
 Internet Protocol (IP)
 Carrier Ethernet
    5 Point-to-Point Radio Architecture
    6 Vendor Profiles
      6.1 System Manufacturers
        6.1.1 Alcatel-Lucent
        6.1.2 Ericsson
        6.1.3 Huawei Technologies
        6.1.4 NEC Corporation
        6.1.5 Nokia Siemens Networks
        6.1.6 ZTE Corporation
      6.2 Sub-System Manufacturers
        6.2.1 ADC Telecommunications Inc. (Now Tyco Electronics)
        6.2.2 Adtran
        6.2.3 Advantech Wireless
        6.2.4 Alvarion
        6.2.5 Aviat Networks
        6.2.6 BLiNQ Networks
        6.2.7 BridgeWave Communications
        6.2.8 CableFree Solutions
        6.2.9 Cambridge Broadband Networks
        6.2.10 Ceragon Networks (includes Nera Networks)
        6.2.11 DragonWave
        6.2.12 E-Band Communications Corporation
        6.2.13 Exalt Communications Inc.
        6.2.14 fSONA
        6.2.15 GigaBeam Corporation
        6.2.16 LightPointe Communications, Inc.
        6.2.17 Motorola Solutions
        6.2.18 Loea Corporation.
        6.2.19 Microwave Networks Inc.
        6.2.20 Proxim Wireless Corp.
        6.2.21 Redline Communications
        6.2.22 SAF Tehnika
        6.2.24 Siklu Communications
        6.2.25 Trango Systems
      6.3 Component Manufacturers
        6.3.1 Avago Technologies
        6.3.2 ELVA-1 Millimeter Wave Division
        6.3.3 Endwave Corporation
        6.3.4 Hittite Microwave Corporation
        6.3.5 M/A-COM Technology Solutions (merged with Mimix Broadband)
        6.3.6 PMC-Sierra
        6.3.7 Provigent Incorporated (now Broadcom)
        6.3.8 RFMD
        6.3.9 TriQuint Semiconductor
    7 Frequency Ranges

List of Exhibits

    Exhibit 3-1 Point-to-Point Radio Shipments: 2010-2015
    Exhibit 3-2 Point-to-Point Radio Shipments by Region: 2010-2015
    Exhibit 3-3 Microwave Radio Shipments by Frequency: 2010-2015
    Exhibit 3-4 Microwave Radio Shipments by Application: 2010-2015
    Exhibit 3-5 RF Component Revenue: 2010-2015
    Exhibit 3-6 RF Component Quantity: 2010-2015
    Exhibit 3-7 RF Component Revenue by Frequency: 2010-2015
    Exhibit 3-8 RF Component Shipments by Frequency: 2010-2015
    Exhibit 3-9 RF Component Revenue by Process Technology: 2010-2015
    Exhibit 3-10 RF Component Shipments by Process Technology: 2010-2015
    Exhibit 3-11 Point-to-Point Radio Shipments by OEM: 2010
    Exhibit 3-12 Point-to-Point Radio Shipments by Frequency: 2010
    Exhibit 4-1 Representative backhaul network diagram
    Exhibit 6-1 A selection of Alcatel-Lucent's wireless backhaul products
    Exhibit 6-2 A selection of Ericsson's wireless backhaul products
    Exhibit 6-3 A selection of Huawei's wireless backhaul products
    Exhibit 6-4 A selection of NEC's wireless backhaul products
    Exhibit 6-5 A selection of NSN's wireless backhaul products
    Exhibit 6-6 A selection of ZTE's wireless backhaul products
    Exhibit 6-7 A selection of Adtran's wireless backhaul products
    Exhibit 6-8 A selection of Advantech Wireless wireless backhaul products
    Exhibit 6-9 A selection of Alvarion wireless backhaul products
    Exhibit 6-10 A selection of Aviat Networks' wireless backhaul products
    Exhibit 6-11 A selection of Bridgewave's wireless backhaul products
    Exhibit 6-12 A selection of CableFree's wireless backhaul products
    Exhibit 6-13 A selection of Cambridge Broadband Network's wireless backhaul products
    Exhibit 6-14 A selection of Ceragon/Nera Network's wireless backhaul products
    Exhibit 6-15 A selection of DragonWave's wireless backhaul products
    Exhibit 6-16 A selection of E-Band Communication's wireless backhaul products
    Exhibit 6-17 A selection of Exalt Communication's wireless backhaul productsvExhibit 6-18 A selection of fSONA's wireless backhaul products
    Exhibit 6-19 A selection of GigaBeam's wireless backhaul products
    Exhibit 6-20 A selection of LightPointe's wireless backhaul products
    Exhibit 6-21 A selection of Motorola Solutions' wireless backhaul products
    Exhibit 6-22 A selection of Loea Corporation's wireless backhaul products
    Exhibit 6-23 A selection of Microwave Network's wireless backhaul products
    Exhibit 6-24 A selection of Proxim Wireless's wireless backhaul products
    Exhibit 6-25 A selection of Redline Communication's wireless backhaul products
    Exhibit 6-26 A selection of SAF Tehnika's wireless backhaul products
    Exhibit 6-27 A selection of SIAE MICROELETTRONICA's wireless backhaul products
    Exhibit 6-28 A selection of Trango Systems' wireless backhaul products
    Exhibit 6-29 A selection of Avago's wireless backhaul products
    Exhibit 6-30 A selection of ELVA-1's millimeter products
    Exhibit 6-31 A selection of Endwave's millimeter products
    Exhibit 6-32 A selection of Hittite's microwave and millimeter wave products
    Exhibit 6-33 A selection of M/A-COM Tech's microwave and millimeter products
    Exhibit 6-34 A selection of PMC-Sierra's wireless backhaul products
    Exhibit 6-35 A selection of Provigent's wireless backhaul products
    Exhibit 6-36 A selection of RFMD's microwave and millimeter products
    Exhibit 6-37 A selection of TriQuint's microwave and millimeter products
    Exhibit 7-1 Common wireless backhaul frequency ranges

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