Author: Eric Higham

Publication Date: Apr 03 2012

Pages: 5

Report Type: Insight, Word

 Advanced Semiconductors

Skyworks Remains the Largest GaAs Device Manufacturer

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Report Summary:

The GaAs device market experienced a “good news, bad news” scenario in 2011. The good news was the merchant market grew by 6% in 2011, to reach record revenue of nearly $5.8 billion. The bad news was this growth paled in comparison to the 35% growth experienced in 2010. While device manufacturers continue to diversify their target market applications, mobile handset growth, particularly smartphones continue to drive the GaAs device industry. The top four largest manufacturers, Skyworks, TriQuint, RFMD and Avago Technologies remain unchanged from a year ago, but Skyworks extended their lead with much greater growth than the market and TriQuint surpassed RFMD for the second spot.

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