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Author: Eric Higham
Co Author: Asif Anwar
Publication Date: Jul 13 2018
Pages: 42
Report Type: Forecast and Outlook
Advanced Semiconductors

RF GaN Market Update: 2017 - 2022

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Report Summary:

Driven by wireless base station and phased array radar applications, RF GaN revenue will surpass $1 billion by 2022. Sumitomo Electronic Device Innovations is the leading supplier, based largely on its dominant position in the base station market. While the supply chain for GaN-on-silicon devices is growing, the vast majority of RF GaN revenue still comes from products produced on GaN-on-SiC wafers.
Table of Contents

1.      Executive Summary

2.      Introduction

3.      RF GaN Market Forecasts

3.1     Overview

3.2     GaN RF Device Market: 2017-2022

3.2.1       RF GaN Market Segmentation

3.2.1       Commercial RF GaN Application Trends

3.2.2       Defense RF GaN Application Trends

3.3     RF GaN Substrate Trends

3.4     RF GaN Market Share

3.4.1       Market Share by Application

3.4.2       Market Share by Supplier

4.      Some Trends and Challenges for GaN

4.1     Introduction

4.2     The 5G Network

4.2.1       Massive MIMO Arrays in 5G

4.2.2       Power Consumption

4.2.3       Why is this important?

4.2.4       What is the GaN Play?

5.      Products

5.1     Introduction

5.2     Some Interesting GaN Developments

6.      Glossary of Terms

7.      How Can We Help You?

Exhibit 3‑1                RF GaN Device Revenue History

Exhibit 3‑2                RF GaN Device Revenue Forecast

Exhibit 3‑3                Historical GaAs Device Revenue

Exhibit 3‑4                RF GaN Device Revenue Forecast Segmentation

Exhibit 3‑5                Commercial RF GaN Revenue Segmentation Forecast

Exhibit 3‑6                Defense RF GaN Revenue Segmentation Forecast

Exhibit 3‑7                RF GaN Revenue Forecast Segmentation by Diameter

Exhibit 3‑8                RF GaN Revenue Forecast Segmentation by Material

Exhibit 3‑9                2017 RF GaN Market Share by Application

Exhibit 3‑10              2017 Total RF GaN Market Share by Supplier

Exhibit 3‑11              2017 Commercial RF GaN Market Share by Supplier

Exhibit 3‑12              2017 Defense RF GaN Market Share by Supplier

Exhibit 4‑1                Some Features of the 5G Network

Exhibit 4‑2                Some Enablers of the 5G Network

Exhibit 4‑3                Shannon-Hartley Theorem

Exhibit 4‑4                Spatial Multiplexing in MIMO

Exhibit 4‑5                Shannon-Hartley Theorem with Massive MIMO Arrays

Exhibit 4‑6                Beam Steering to Maximize Coverage

Exhibit 4‑7                Beam Steering to Maximize Data Rate

Exhibit 4‑8                Beamforming/Beam Steering Techniques

Exhibit 4‑9                Advantages of Digital Beamforming

Exhibit 4‑10              Total Power Dissipation in a Massive MIMO Array

Exhibit 4‑11              Functional Block Diagram for Hybrid Beamformer

Exhibit 4‑12              Potential Hybrid Beamformer Technology Segmentation (Huawei)

Exhibit 4‑13              Potential Hybrid Beamformer Technology Segmentation (Qorvo)

Exhibit 5‑1                Qorvo QPF4005 Dual Channel GaN Front End Module

Exhibit 5‑2                Huawei GaN Multifunction Front End Module

Exhibit 5‑3                Qorvo QPA 4501 GaN PA with Doherty Output Stage

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