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Compound Semiconductor Industry Review: January - March 2020

Report Summary:

2019 saw a decline in compound semiconductor and silicon revenue, but there were signs of a rebound in the last two quarters. However, the effects of COVID-19 disruption will be the driving trend going forward. On the process side, there has been a lot of activity expanding and diversifying the SiC supply chain.
Table of Contents


1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
3. MMICs
3.1 Business
3.1.1 Skyworks Reports Q1 FY ’20 Financials
3.1.2 MACOM Reports Q1 FY ‘20 Financials
3.1.3 Qorvo Reports Q3 FY ’20 Financials
3.1.4 Microchip Reports Q3 FY ’20 Financials
3.1.5 Analog Devices Reports Q1 FY ’20 Financials
3.1.6 Broadcom Reports Q1 FY ’20 Financials
3.2 Contracts
3.2.1 Akoustis Ships XBAW Filters to Defense Applications
3.2.2 Skyworks Enables Top Smart Home Security Systems
3.2.3 Skyworks Delivers Premium Audio in Leading Sound Bars
3.2.4 Advantech Wireless Receives Order for SATCOM Terminals
3.2.5 Akoustis Receives XBAW Filter Order for 5G Massive MIMO Base Stations
3.3 New Products
3.3.1 Qorvo Introduces IoT Transceiver Chip
3.3.2 Qorvo Launches Wi-Fi 6 iFEM with BAW Filter
3.3.3 Qorvo Expands Cellular IoT Portfolio
3.3.4 Qorvo Delivers USB Fast Charger PMIC
3.3.5 Qorvo Launches Complete V2X Front-end Solution
3.3.6 UMS Announces GaN & GaAs PDKs
3.3.7 Pasternack Introduces GaN, LDMOS & VDMOS Amplifiers
3.3.8 Advantech Wireless Announces Solid State Power Amplifiers
3.3.9 Qorvo Introduces Mission Critical GaN Power Amplifier
3.3.10 Filtronic Launches E-Band Transceiver Modules
3.3.11 Anokiwave Announces Release of 5G mmW IC Family
3.3.12 MACOM Announces Transimpedance Amplifiers
3.3.13 Qorvo Launches PMICs
3.4 Other
3.4.1 Qorvo Supports Wi-Fi Alliance Expansion into 6 GHz Spectrum with "Wi-Fi 6E"
3.4.2 ON Semiconductor Enters LiDAR Collaboration
3.4.3 Sanan IC Approves Plextek RFI for pHEMT MMIC Design
3.4.4 Akoustis Completes Wafer Level Package Demonstrator
3.4.5 Vayyar Imaging Develops 60 GHz Automotive Radar Chip
3.4.6 Trumpf Hüttinger Acquires HBH Microwave
3.4.7 Altum RF Announces ISO 9001Registration
3.4.8 US Marine Corps Orders Additional Northrop Grumman AN/TPS-80 Radars
3.4.9 Skyworks Advances Next Generation Wi-Fi 6E
3.4.10 Qorvo Completes Acquisition of Custom MMIC
3.4.11 Comtech Receives Contract for Ka-band Solid-state Amplifiers
3.4.12 Qorvo Completes Acquisition of Decawave
3.4.13 Greg Waters Appointed to Sierra Wireless Board
3.4.14 Transcom Developing GaAs and GaN MMICs for 5G mmWave Applications
3.4.15 Researchers Develop More Efficient RF Filters for Smartphones
4. Power Devices
4.1 Business
4.1.1 Excelitas Technologies Completes Sale of Defense Power Product Line
4.1.2 SiCrystal Signs Multi-year Deal to Supply SiC Wafers to STMicroelectronics
4.1.3 Infineon Reports Q1 FY ’20 Financials
4.1.4 STMicroelectronics and TSMC Collaborate on GaN-Based Products
4.1.5 Integra Technologies and Presto Engineering Enter Partnership
4.1.6 Marelli Invests in Transphorm to Develop GaN Power Electronics
4.2 New Products
4.2.1 Cissoid Develops Gate Drivers for SiC Power Modules
4.2.2 Comtech Introduces GaN Amplifier for X-band Radar
4.2.3 Ampleon Announces 500W LDMOS Transistor
4.2.4 Littelfuse Launches Gate Drive Evaluation Platform
4.2.5 Empower RF Systems Launches GaN-on-SiC SSPA
4.2.6 Richardson RFPD Announces 650V GaN Half-Bridge Driver IC Evaluation Board
4.2.7 SemiQ Announces SiC Schottky Diode Family
4.2.8 Infineon Launches CoolSiC MOSFET 650V Family
4.2.9 Fairview Microwave Unveils Power Amplifiers with Optional Heatsinks
4.2.10 ON Semi Expands SiC MOSFET Portfolio
4.2.11 Power Integrations Expands Range 750V GaN Transistors
4.2.12 Comtech Xicom Technology Introduces New GaN SSPA Product Lines
4.2.13 Microchip Expands SiC Family of Power Electronics
4.2.14 VisIC Introduces 100 kW Motor Inverter Reference Design
4.2.15 Toshiba Announces Dual Output IGBT/MOSFET Driver
4.2.16 Infineon Expands CoolSiC Schottky Diode Family
4.2.17 Cree Launches 650V MOSFETs
4.3 Other
4.3.1 AUKEY Debuts GaN-based Power Chargers
4.3.2 Griffin Technology Shows USB-C Wall Chargers with GaN Technology
4.3.3 GE And US Army Research Lab Partner On SiC Thermal Management
4.3.4 Belkin Unveils GaN-based Chargers at CES
4.3.5 Shin-Etsu Licenses Qromis’ GaN Substrate Technology
4.3.6 Nexperia Partners with Ricardo to Produce GaN-based EV Inverter
4.3.7 JEDEC Wide Bandgap Power Semiconductor Committee Publishes Guideline
4.3.8 Missile Defense Agency’s Long Range Discrimination Radar Closer to Delivery
4.3.9 SkyWater Chosen for Power MOSFETs
4.3.10 Odyssey Semiconductor Names Executive Chairman and Acting CEO
4.3.11 PI’s SCALE-iDriver Achieves AEC-Q100 Automotive Qualification
4.3.12 Hangzhou Zhongheng Uses Transphorm GaN Power Module
4.3.13 X-FAB Expands its SiC Capacity and Adds In-House Epitaxy Capabilities
4.3.14 Researchers Develop New Technique to Cool Gallium Nitride Devices
4.3.15 Newport Chosen by Government to Help Lead the U.K. Electric Revolution
5. Materials & Equipment
5.1 Business
5.1.1 Cadence Completes Acquisition of NI AWR Corporation
5.1.2 Soitec Reports FY’20 Third Quarter Revenues
5.1.3 Riber Grows Annual Revenues in 2019
5.1.4 Intevac Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2019 Financial Results
5.1.5 Axcelis Reports Fourth Quarter Fiscal 2020 Results and Full Year 2019
5.1.6 Brooks Automation Reports First Quarter Fiscal 2020 Results
5.1.7 Veeco Instruments Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2019
5.1.8 AXT Announces Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2019 Results
5.1.9 Mosaic Microsystems Secures Round from BlueSky Capital and Corning
5.1.10 GTAT and ON Semi Announce Supply Agreement for SiC Material
5.1.11 ACM Research Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2019 Results
5.2 Contracts
5.2.1 RIBER Receives Services and Accessories Order
5.2.2 Ferdinand-Braun-Institut Chooses ClassOne Solstice S4
5.2.3 KONKA Enters MicroLED Pilot Production with AIXTRON Tools
5.2.4 Intel Orders Two Mask Writers from Mycronic
5.3 Other
5.3.1 imec Demonstrates Scalable III-V and III-N Devices on Si
5.3.2 AKHAN Issued US Patent for Monolithically Integrated Diamond Semiconductors
5.3.3 Veeco Introduces Suite of MOCVD Systems for Photonics Devices
5.3.4 ZEISS Accelerates Semiconductor Package Failure Analysis
5.3.5 LPE 8-inch SiC Epi Reactor Undergoing Preliminary Tests
5.3.6 CEA-Leti and CEA-IRIG Demonstrate Quantum IC
5.3.7 SINTX to Produce SiC Wafers
5.3.8 CSA Catapult becomes Competence Centre for ECPE Network
5.3.9 STAr Acquires Accel-RF to Expand Scope of Reliability Test
5.3.10 AKHAN Semiconductor Issued European Patent
5.3.11 Global Semiconductor Sales Down Slightly Year-to-Year in January
5.3.12 Compound Semiconductor Centre Aims to Encompass Supply Chain
5.3.13 SEMI Global Fab Equipment Spending to Rebound from 2019 Downturn
5.3.14 Eta Research Launches 4-inch SI GaN Wafers
5.3.15 ALLOS Improves Yield for MicroLED Production
6. Silicon Devices
6.1 Business
6.1.1 Integrated Device Technology Becomes Renesas Electronics America
6.1.2 TSMC Reports Q4 and FY ‘19 Financials
6.1.3 Intel Reports Q4 and FY ’19 Financials
6.1.4 Cypress Reports Q4 and FY 2019 Financials
6.1.5 NXP Reports Q4 and FY ’19 Financials
6.1.6 Microchip Reports Q3 FY ’20 Financials
6.1.7 UMC Reports Q4 and FY ’19 Financials
6.1.8 On Semiconductor Reports Q4 and FY ’20 Financials
6.1.9 Qualcomm Reports Q1 FY ’20 Financials
6.1.10 Cadence Reports Q4 2019 and FY 2019 Financials
6.1.11 SMIC Reports 2019 Fourth Quarter Results
6.1.12 TowerJazz Reports Q4 and FY ’19 Financials
6.1.13 Infineon Collaborates with Qualcomm on 3D Authentication
6.2 New Products
6.2.1 Renesas Electronics Develops Rad-Hardened Regulator
6.2.2 Infineon Technologies Offers CoolSiC MOSFET 650 V Family
6.2.3 X-FAB Expands Medium Voltage Transistor Family
6.2.4 Teledyne e2v HiRel Introduces 6 GHz RF Power Limiter
6.2.5 Teledyne e2v HiRel Introduces Rad-Tolerant RF Mixer
6.2.6 MixComm Introduces SoI Beamforming IC
6.3 Other
6.3.1 Broadcom Reports RF Component Deals with Apple
6.3.2 pSemi Announces the Retirement of Former CEO Jim Cable
6.3.3 Samsung Makes First 3nm GAAFET Semiconductor
6.3.4 Microchip Develops Radiation-tolerant COTS-based Ethernet Transceiver
6.3.5 Xilinx Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Analog Devices
6.3.6 Toray Industries Announces UHF RFID Tag
6.3.7 Fujitsu Introduces Doppler Radar Sensor Module
6.3.8 SEMI Reports on North American Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers
6.3.9 Fraunhofer Develops MOSHEMT ICs
6.3.10 Marki Microwave Announces New COO
6.3.11 2019 Global Silicon Shipments Dip from 2018 Record High
6.3.12 MagnaChip Offers New BCD Process for Automotive Power Semiconductors
6.3.13 Synopsys Completes Acquisition of Certain IP Assets from INVECAS
6.3.14 Cadence Announces Acquisition of Integrand
6.3.15 imec and Ghent University demonstrate SiGe 100Gbaud Link
6.3.16 Maxim Opens Dublin Design Centre
6.3.17 CFIUS Clears Acquisition of Cypress by Infineon
6.3.18 SEMI Expects Fab Spending Recovery to Begin in Second Half of 2020
6.3.19 Tower Semiconductor Releases Power Management ICs Design Kits
6.3.20 Sony Electronics Corporation to be Established
7. Optoelectronic Devices
7.1 Business
7.1.1 TDK Ventures Invests in SLD Laser
7.1.2 Cree Reports Q2 FY ’20 Financials
7.1.3 Sony Reports Q3 FY ’20 Financials
7.1.4 SEI Reports Q3 FY ’19 Financials
7.1.5 II-VI Reports Fiscal 2020 Second Quarter Results
7.1.6 ams Reports Record Results for FY 2019
7.2 Datacom
7.2.1 Source Photonics Appoints New President & CEO
7.2.2 NeoPhotonics Samples 400ZR ClearLight OSFP Coherent Transceivers
7.2.3 II-VI Introduces Datacom VCSELs
7.2.4 POET Technologies Completes Optical Interposer Development Project
7.2.5 NeoPhotonics Samples Optical Amplifiers and Narrow Linewidth Lasers
7.2.6 AOI Announces 25 Gbps Lasers
7.2.7 EMCORE Announces Uncooled Coaxial Laser Module
7.2.8 NeoPhotonics Announces Coherent Driver Modulator
7.2.9 Emcore Introduces Optiva Fiber Optic Links
7.2.10 Lumentum Introduces High-Power Pump Lasers
7.2.11 Furukawa Electric Develops FRSi4XX Series Pump Sources
7.2.12 Ranovus Launches Silicon Photonic Engine
7.2.13 Acacia Sampling 400G Pluggable Optical Transceiver Modules
7.2.14 MACOM Extends Transimpedance Amplifier Portfolio
7.2.15 MACOM Announces TIA and Driver
7.2.16 MACOM Announces 25G APD and Fabry-Perot Laser
7.2.17 Applied Optoelectronics Announces a Cable Plant Signal Generator
7.2.18 NeoPhotonics Unveils Coherent Optics Solution
7.2.19 Sumitomo Electric Launches Fiber-Optic Temperature Sensing System
7.3 Other
7.3.1 Teledyne e2v Expands Emerald Image Sensor Family
7.3.2 Sheffield Research Center to Develop Quantum Technologies
7.3.3 Toshiba Launches Output Photocoupler for Programmable Logic Controllers
7.3.4 Panasonic Develops Long-range TOF Image Sensor
7.3.5 Vixar Unveils 10W VCSEL chip for 3D sensing
7.3.6 II-VI Introduces InP Electro-Absorption Modulated Lasers
7.3.7 imec and CST Global Collaborate to Extend Silicon Photonics Portfolio
7.3.8 QSFP-DD800 MSA Group Announces Initial Hardware Specification
7.3.9 FormFactor Introduces Edge Coupling Probe Solution for Silicon Photonics
7.3.10 Applied Optoelectronics Announces Narrow Linewidth Laser
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