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Compound Semiconductor Industry Review: January - March 2019

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Report Summary:

Reversing the positive financial results of last quarter, the results this quarter are nearly unanimously negative, indicating the cyclicality of the market. Wolfspeed/Cree is the biggest outlier, reporting record quarterly revenues, driven in part by SiC products and wafers. Despite some challenges in the compound semiconductor segment, silicon wafer
shipments eclipsed $10B for the first time in 10 years.

Table of Contents

1.      Executive Summary

2.      Introduction

3.      MMICs

3.1     Business

3.1.1       Microchip Reports Q3 FY ’19 Financials

3.1.2       Skyworks Reports Q1 FY ’19 Financials

3.1.3       MACOM Reports Q1 FY 2019 Financials

3.1.4       Qorvo Reports Q3 FY ’19 Financials

3.2     New Products

3.2.1       Teledyne e2v HiRel Announces Family of X-band Gain Blocks

3.2.2       Skyworks Powers Next-generation 4G/5G Mobile Hotspots

3.2.3       Comtech PST Introduces GaN Amplifier for X-band Radar Applications

3.2.4       MACOM Introduces Broadband, Multistage GaN-on-Si PA

3.2.5       Skyworks Launches Sky5 LiTE Front-end for 5G

3.2.6       Mouser Offers Qorvo GaN MMIC Front End Module

3.3     Contracts

3.3.1       Pivotal Selects MACOM for 5G In-building Penetration Device

3.4     Other

3.4.1       Qorvo Module Enables Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything Trials by Major Automakers

3.4.2       Skyworks Enables Sonos’ Amp in Emerging Smart Audio Applications

3.4.3       Anokiwave Founder & CTO Named IEEE Fellow

3.4.4       Qorvo Mobile 5G Portfolio Enters High-Volume Production

3.4.5       Qorvo Ships 100 Millionth RF Device for 5G Wireless Infrastructure

3.4.6       Northrop Grumman Receives GaN Contract for G/ATOR

3.4.7       Akoustis Ships 3.6 GHz Filter Samples to First CBRS Customer

3.4.8       SMART-L MM/N BMD Radar Installed on First LCF Frigate

4.      Power Devices

4.1     Business

4.1.1       Cree and STMicroelectronics Announce Multi-Year SiC Wafer Supply Agreement

4.1.2       Wolfspeed Achieves Record Q2 Revenue

4.1.3       SEI Reports Q3 FY ’18 Financials

4.1.4       Infineon Reports Q1 FY ’19 Financials

4.2     New Products

4.2.1       Mitsubishi Develops GaN Amplifier for Mobile Base Stations

4.2.2       Wolfspeed Introduces Next-Gen SiC Diode

4.2.3       Infineon Technologies develops 60mm Thyristor Modules

4.2.4       Osram Announces GaN Laser Driver for Multichannel LiDAR

4.2.5       Infineon Introduces Reverse Conducting IGBT

4.2.6       Ampleon Announces LDMOS Transistor for RF Energy Applications

4.2.7       Two EPC GaN Transistors Qualified to AEC Q101 for Lidar and 48V Power

4.2.8       Diodes Inc. Introduces Omnipolar Hall Effect Switches

4.2.9       Infineon Extends Portfolio of CoolSiC™ MOSFET Power Modules

4.2.10     Littelfuse Launches 650V SiC Schottky Diodes

4.2.11     Nexperia Announces 40V Automotive MOSFETs

4.2.12     Wavestream Announces Ka-Band Solutions for LEO/MEO Gateway Market

4.2.13     MACOM and STMicroelectronics Accelerate GaN-on-Silicon Support

4.2.14     Transphorm Qualifies GaN Platform to AEC-Q101

4.2.15     Power Integrations Launches SiC MOSFET Gate Driver

4.2.16     Empower RF Releases GaN Amplifier

4.2.17     Vishay Introduces P-Channel MOSFETs

4.2.18     GaN Systems Debuts Suite of GaN Power Transistors

4.2.19     GaN Systems Announces Wireless Power Amplifier Evaluation Kit

4.2.20     ON Semiconductor Introduces SiC MOSFETs

4.2.21     VisIC's Announces On-Board-Charger Reference Design

4.2.22     Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Announces Buck-Boost MOSFET

4.2.23     Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Launches New 650V GaN Product Family

4.3     Other

4.3.1       Akash Granted FCC Approval for GaN-on-diamond Power Amplifier

4.3.2       Fujitsu Reports Diamond Thermal Management in InAlGaN Transistor

4.3.3       Institute of High Pressure Physics Acquires Ammono

4.3.4       TDK-Lambda’s Uses Transphorm GaN FET in AC-DC Power Supply Module

4.3.5       EPC Expands Portfolio of AEC-qualified eGaN FETs

4.3.6       Diodes Inc. to Acquire Texas Instruments’ Greenock Fab and Operations

4.3.7       JEDEC Wide-bandgap Power Semiconductor Committee Publishes First Document

4.3.8       EPC Publishes GaN Reliability Report

4.3.9       Advantech Receives SSPA Order

4.3.10     EPC Showcases eGaN in a Variety of Applications

4.3.11     StratEdge Displaying Molded Ceramic and Ceramic QFN Packages

4.3.12     UnitedSiC, Analog Devices Enter Investment Agreement

5.      Materials & Equipment

5.1     Business

5.1.1       Riber Reduces 2018 Revenue Guidance

5.1.2       AXT Updates Expectations for the Fourth Quarter 2018

5.1.3       Axcelis Announces Share Repurchase Program

5.1.4       IQE Post Close Trading Update and NJ Plant Closure

5.1.5       Riber 2018 Revenues Slightly Up

5.1.6       MKS Instruments Announces Closing of Electro Scientific Industries Acquisition

5.1.7       MKS Instruments Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2018 Financial Results

5.1.8       Axcelis Announces Financial Results for Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2018

5.1.9       Veeco Reports Fourth Quarter 2018 Results

5.1.10     Astronics Completes the Sale of Semiconductor System Level Test Technology

5.1.11     Soitec Joins China Mobile 5G Innovation Centre

5.1.12     AIXTRON Exceeds 2018 Targets

5.1.13     IQE Announces Year End 2018 Results.

5.1.14     AIXTRON Reports Full-Year Revenue

5.2     Contracts

5.2.1       Rudolph Technologies Announces Rapid Adoption of the Dragonfly G2 System

5.2.2       AIXTRON AIX G5+ C MOCVD System Selected for micro-LED Production

5.2.3       San’an Expands ROY LED Production with AIXTRON MOCVD Systems

5.2.4       Oxford Instruments Supplies Plasma Etch Solutions

5.2.5       Unisem Advanced Technologies Selects Two Veeco Tools

5.2.6       Veeco Delivers Tool to Fraunhofer Institute

5.2.7       Aledia Adds Veeco Propel™ GaN MOCVD Platform

5.3     Other

5.3.1       China Wafer Production Capacity Growth Fastest in World

5.3.2       CSC Announces Successful Conclusion of Project

5.3.3       Imec Partners for Photonic-Based Medical Device

5.3.4       ULVAC and OIPT Bring Atomic-Scale Processing to Power and RF Markets

5.3.5       EC Unlocks Plans for Compound Semiconductor Research and Innovation

5.3.6       Compound Semiconductor Centre Gets Gallium Nitride Device Development Award

5.3.7       Fraunhofer IISB and Rigaku Partner on Wafer Quality

5.3.8       North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts December 2018 Billings

5.3.9       LPKF Offers Glass Foundry Service for Advanced Packaging Solutions

5.3.10     Silicon Shipments Hit Record High

5.3.11     Aehr Introduces Wafer-Level Test and Reliability Screening Solution

5.3.12     Imec and KMLabs to Create Imaging and Interference Lithography Lab

5.3.13     Soitec, Simgui Announce Partnership and Increased Production in China

5.3.14     Global Fab Spending to See 2019 Decline, With New Highs in 2020

5.3.15     EV Group Partners with NSI on Heterogeneous Integration

5.3.16     Soitec Sets Up Direct Sales Operation in China

6.      Silicon Devices

6.1     Business

6.1.1       IDT Stockholders Approve Merger Proposal with Renesas Electronics

6.1.2       TSMC Reports Q4 and FY ‘18 Financials

6.1.3       TI Reports Q4 and FY ’18 Financials

6.1.4       Maxim Reports Q2 FY ’19 Financials

6.1.5      UMC Reports Q4 and FY ’18 Financials

6.1.6       Qualcomm Reports Q1 FY 2019 Financials

6.1.7       Cypress Reports Q4 and FY 2018 Financials

6.1.8       Fujitsu Reports Q3 FY ‘18 Financials

6.1.9       Sony Reports Q3 FY ’19 Financials

6.1.10     NXP Reports Q4 and FY ’18 Financials

6.1.11     SMIC Reports 2018 Fourth Quarter Results

6.1.12     TowerJazz Reports Q4 and FY 2018 Financials

6.1.13     Analog Devices Reports Q1 FY ’19 Financials

6.1.14     TowerJazz Announces Extension of Panasonic Semiconductor Agreement

6.1.15     ON Semiconductor to Acquire Quantenna Communications

6.2     New Products

6.2.1       Anokiwave Expands mmW 5G IC Family

6.2.2       Axbio Develops Bio-CMOS Diagnostic IC

6.2.3       Murata Works with Cypress Semiconductor on Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Combo Module

6.3     Other

6.3.1       Qualcomm Claims Wins in 5G Mobile Devices

6.3.2       EC Approves Funding for Compound Semiconductor Project

6.3.3       Soitec Expands Collaboration with Samsung

6.3.4       CSC Wins Funding for Vertical GaN Study

6.3.5       TowerJazz and Ranix Collaborate on RF Transceivers

6.3.6       GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ 8SWRF SOI Process Reaches Milestone

6.3.7       Global Semiconductor Sales Down 5.7% Year-to-Year in January

6.3.8       MACOM and GLOBALFOUNDRIES Collaborate on Silicon Photonics

6.3.9       Samsung Electronics Starts Commercial Shipment of eMRAM Product

6.3.10     IQE Partners on 5G Wireless Communications Infrastructure

6.3.11     Toshiba Consolidates Divisions

7.      Optoelectronic Devices

7.1     Business

7.1.1       Cree Reports Q2 FY ’19 Financials

7.1.2       Cisco Completes Acquisition of Luxtera

7.1.3       EMCORE Announces Results for Fiscal First Quarter

7.1.4       Lumentum Reports Second Quarter Results

7.1.5       Lumentum to Sell Certain Optical Transceiver Product Lines to CIG

7.1.6       Sicoya Demonstrates 400G Silicon Photonics Technology

7.1.7       Cree to Sell Lighting Business to Ideal Industries

7.2     Datacom

7.2.1       Applied Optoelectronics Sampling 400G Silicon Photonics Optical Module

7.2.2       II-VI Develops 800 mW Pump Laser

7.2.3       Infinera Announces Latest Infinite Capacity Engine

7.2.4       Infinera Expands Open Networking Solutions

7.2.5       NeoPhotonics to Demo New Telecom and Data Center Technologies

7.2.6       NeoPhotonics Announces Availability of MEMS-based VOA

7.2.7       Elenion Technologies Announces Optical BGA Platform

7.2.8       MACOM Announces New Family of Drivers for Optical Applications

7.2.9       MACOM Announces Transimpedance Amplifiers

7.2.10     MACOM Announces 400G-FR4 L-PIC

7.2.11     MACOM Announces New Dual and Quad Channel 64GBaud TIA Solutions

7.2.12     CompoundTek and Lumerical Partner on Enhanced Silicon Photonics PDK

7.2.13     Elenion Launches CSTAR BGA Coherent Optical Sub-Assembly Platform

7.2.14     CompoundTek Partners with Silicon Photonics Group on Design Services

7.2.15     Toshiba Launches Unidirectional Adapter for Optical Modules

7.3     Other

7.3.1       CSC Announces Successful Conclusion of Innovate UK Project

7.3.2       II-VI Introduces Filters for Integrated Digital and 3D Sensing Cameras

7.3.3       II-VI Introduces ZnS Micro Lenses for Automotive Thermal Imaging

7.3.4       On-chip Optical Link Achieved by University Researchers

7.3.5       II-VI Introduces 22W Pump Laser Diodes for Fiber Lasers

7.3.6       Infinera Appoints Former Oclaro CEO to Board

7.3.7       European InP Pilot Line Project Launches

7.3.8       Near-infrared Spectroscopy Ready for Consumer Use

7.3.9       Teledyne Awarded IR Sensor Contract

7.3.10     II-VI Introduces 56 Gb/s PAM4 VCSEL Arrays

7.3.11     POET Technologies Opens New Photonics Design Center

7.3.12     Vishay Intertechnology Expands Optocouplers Family

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