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Compound Semiconductor Industry Review: January - March 2018

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Report Summary:

This quarter saw a mixed bag of financial results. Equipment manufacturers showed strong revenue and income growth, while MMIC companies generally reported income declines and uneven revenue growth. Several business deals point to changing technology and product landscape.
Table of Contents

1.      Executive Summary

2.      Introduction

3.      MMICs

3.1     Business

3.1.1       WIN Semiconductors Reports Q4 FY ’17 Financials

3.1.2       Microsemi Reports Q1 FY ’18 Financials

3.1.3       Qorvo Reports Q3 FY ‘18 Financials

3.1.4       Skyworks Announces New $1 Billion Stock Repurchase Program

3.1.5       Skyworks Reports Q1 FY ’18 Financials

3.1.6       MACOM Reports Q1 FY 2018 Financials

3.1.7       Analog Devices Reports Q1 FY ’18 Financials

3.1.8       Microchip Technology to Acquire Microsemi

3.1.9       Broadcom Reports Q1 FY ’18 Financials

3.2     Contracts

3.2.1       Comtech Wins Power Amplifier Order for In-flight Connectivity

3.3     New Products

3.3.1       Qorvo Expands Distributed Wi-Fi Portfolio

3.3.2       Richardson RFPD Introduces CATV Amplifier from MACOM

3.3.3       Skyworks Launches FEM for Bluetooth Low Energy/802.15.4/Thread/ZigBee

3.3.4       Richardson RFPD Introduces GaN Power Amplifier from ADI

3.3.5       Skyworks and Sequans Launch LTE-M/NB-IoT Connectivity Solution

3.3.6       Qorvo Announces Next Generation RF Fusion Front End Module Solution

3.3.7       Skyworks Unveils Suite of Sky5 Solutions

3.3.8       MACOM Launches MAGM Series of GaN-on-Si PA MMICs

3.3.9       Skyworks Launches SkyOne LiTE

3.3.10     Rohde & Schwarz Launches Ku-band Solid-State Amplifier

3.3.11     Akoustis Technologies Introduces 5.2 GHz BAW RF Filter for Wi-Fi

3.4     Other

3.4.1       Qorvo IoT Solution Powers Senior Home Care

3.4.2       Skyworks Enables Next Generation of Connected Homes

3.4.3       Baylin Acquires Advantech Wireless Divisions

3.4.4       Anokiwave Opens Millimeter Wave Verification and Test Laboratory

3.4.5       Skyworks Collaborates With Broadcom on 802.11ax Platforms

3.4.6       MACOM and STMicroelectronics Announce GaN-on-Silicon Agreement

3.4.7       Anokiwave Highlights Millimeter Wave 5G System Strategy

3.4.8       Analog Devices Acquires Symeo

3.4.9       HRL to Develop Millimeter Wave GaN Transistors for DARPA Program

4.      Power Devices

4.1     Business

4.1.1       Cree Acquires Infineon RF Power Business

4.2     New Products

4.2.1       EPC Introduces 40V GaN Power Transistor

4.2.2       Vincotech Announces NPC Modules with IGBT-based Modules

4.2.3       Littelfuse Introduces Protection Thyristors

4.2.4       Diamond Electric Develops Bidirectional DC-DC Converter

4.2.5       Mitsubishi Electric Develops 6.5kV Full-SiC Power Semiconductor Module

4.2.6       Vishay Introduces Integrated Power Phototriac

4.2.7       Renesas Ships Space First Rad-Hard Low-side GaN FETs for Power Supplies

4.2.8       VisIC Samples First 1200V GaN Power Module

4.2.9       Advantech Launches Second-generation GaN-based X-band SSPA

4.2.10     Panasonic Develops Insulated-Gate GaN Power Transistor

4.2.11     Wolfspeed Expands 1200V SiC Schottky Diodes Family

4.2.12     Microsemi Samples 1200V SiC MOSFETs and SiC SBDs

4.2.13     GaN Systems Launches 5 MHz Buck Converter Evaluation Board

4.2.14     GaN Systems Announces New GaN Power Transistor

4.2.15     TI Expands GaN Power Driver Portfolio

4.2.16     Analog Devices and Microsemi Announce Gate Driver Board

4.2.17     Qorvo Introduces GaN-on-SiC Transistor

4.2.18     Integra Launches L-band GaN-based Amplifiers

4.3     Other

4.3.1       DENSO and FLOSFIA Partner for Power Devices

4.3.2       II-VI and University of South Florida Research Thin-Film Diamond on Silicon

4.3.3       ON Semi Joins CharIN Ecosystems in Developing EV Charging Standards

4.3.4       Transphorm GaN Moves into PC Gaming Market

4.3.5       EPFL Develops Quasi-vertical GaN Trench MOSFET

4.3.6       VisIC Partners with TSMC on GaN-based Power Device Solutions

4.3.7       Mission Microwave Ramps Production of Ka-band SSPAs

4.3.8       Cree Signs Deal to Supply 150mm SiC Wafers to Infineon

4.3.9       EpiGaN Joins EU SERENA Consortium

4.3.10     Infineon and SAIC Motor Establish Power Module Joint Venture

4.3.11     Saab GlobalEye Makes Successful First Flight

4.3.12     Lockheed Martin Completes Acceptance Test of TPS-77 Multi-Role Radar

4.3.13     Si2 Approves IC Design Simulation Standards for GaN Devices

5.      Materials & Equipment

5.1     Business

5.1.1       SOITEC Reports FY'18 Third Quarter Revenues

5.1.2       KLA-Tencor Reports Fiscal 2018 Second Quarter Results

5.1.3       Riber Reports Results for Fiscal 2017

5.1.4       Veeco Instruments Full Year Results 2017

5.1.5       AXT Announces Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2017 Financial Results

5.1.6       AIXTRON Announces Financial Results for Fiscal 2017

5.1.7       KLA-Tencor to Acquire Orbotech

5.1.8       IQE Acquiring Translucent cREO Technology and IP Portfolio

5.1.9       IQE Announces Full-year 2017 Results

5.2     Contracts

5.2.1       OSRAM Orders Multiple Veeco MOCVD Systems

5.2.2       Riber Receives Chinese Order for MBE System

5.2.3       Orbotech SPTS Technologies Receives Order from RF Device Manufacturers

5.2.4       RIBER Order for Production MBE System in Europe

5.3     Other

5.3.1       SEMI Data Projects New Highs in Fab Equipment Spending

5.3.2       SDK Expands SiC Epiwafer Capacity

5.3.3       Akash Raises Receives Funding for GaN-on-Diamond Technology

5.3.4       Annual Silicon Volume Shipments Remain at Record Highs

5.3.5       Annual Semiconductor Sales Increase 21.6%, Top $400 Billion for First Time

5.3.6       Swedish Start-Up Enables Full-Scale Implementation of Graphene

5.3.7       ROHM Opens European Test Lab for Power Electronics Components

5.3.8       CSC Announces Joint Program with Industry Partner ICS

5.3.9       Siltectra Expands Headquarters in Dresden

5.3.10     Akoustis Achieves Company-Wide ISO 9001:2015 Certification

5.3.11     Fab Spending Poised for Fourth Year of Growth

5.3.12     Flat Gallium Joins Roster of New 2-D Materials

5.3.13     SMI Completes Radiation Hardness Testing of Gallium Oxide for NASA

5.3.14     EV Group and IBM Sign License Agreement on Laser Debonding Technology

5.3.15     AHS Receives Contract for GaAs-based Magnetic Imaging

6.      Silicon Devices

6.1     Business

6.1.1       TSMC Reports Q4 and FY 2017 Financials

6.1.2       Sigma Designs Plans to Sell its Z-Wave Business

6.1.3       UMC Reports Q4 and FY ’17 Financials

6.1.4       Maxim Reports Q2 FY ’18 Financials

6.1.5       STMicroelectronics Reports 2017 Fourth Quarter and Full Year Financial Results

6.1.6       Fujitsu Reports Q3 FY ‘17 Financials

6.1.7       Infineon Reports Q1 FY ’18 Financials

6.1.8       Seiko-Epson Reports Q3 FY ‘18 Financials

6.1.9       Silicon Labs Reports Q4 and FY ’17 Financials

6.1.10     Samsung Electronics Announces Fourth Quarter and FY 2017 Results

6.1.11     Microchip Reports Q3 FY ‘18 Financials

6.1.12     NXP Reports Q4 and FY 2017 Financials

6.1.13     SMIC Reports 2017 Fourth Quarter Results

6.1.14     Renesas Reports Q4 and FY 2017 Financials

6.1.15     TowerJazz Reports Q4 and FY 2017 Financials

6.2     New Products

6.2.1       Ainstein Introduces 79 GHz Automotive Short Range Radar

6.2.2       Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Expands XSPairFET™ Family

6.2.3       Richardson RFPD Introduces 150W LDMOS Transistor from NXP

6.2.4       TowerJazz Announces Open Foundry SiPho Design Kits

6.2.5       GLOBALFOUNDRIES Extends Silicon Photonics Roadmap

6.2.6       Fairview Launches E- and W-band PIN Diode Waveguide Switches

6.3     Other

6.3.1       Helix Semiconductors Announces New Strategic Investor

6.3.2       NXP Launches Reference Design for Automated Solid-state Defrosting

6.3.3       Peregrine Semiconductor Becomes pSemi™

6.3.4       GLOBALFOUNDRIES Delivering 45nm RF SOI Customer Prototypes

6.3.5       STMicroelectronics Announces Change in Leadership Team

6.3.6       BAE Systems Awards Contract to Ball Aerospace

6.3.7       GLOBALFOUNDRIES Names New CEO

7.      Optoelectronic Devices

7.1     Business

7.1.1       Cree Reports Results for Second Quarter of Fiscal Year 2018

7.1.2       II-VI Reports Q2 FY ’18 Financials

7.1.3       Sony Reports Q3 FY ’18 Financials

7.1.4       Oclaro Reports Q2 FY ’18 Financials

7.1.5       SEI Reports Q3 FY ’17 Financials

7.1.6       Emcore Reports Q1 FY ’18 Financials

7.1.7       Lumentum to Acquire Oclaro

7.1.8       Finisar Reports Third Quarter Results

7.1.9       II-VI to Acquire CoAdna

7.1.10     nLIGHT Files Registration Statement for Proposed Initial Public Offering

7.2     Datacom

7.2.1       Finisar Announces Management Changes

7.2.2       AdTech Photonics Announces the Acquisition of AdTech Optics

7.2.3       GCS, Intengent and VLC Photonics Collaborate on InP PICs

7.2.4       Teledyne Announces Production Readiness of Infrared Detectors

7.2.5       Integrated Compound Semiconductors Launches Detectors

7.2.6       NeoPhotonics Ships 64GBaud Coherent Optical Components

7.2.7       II-VI Introduces High Resolution Optical Channel Monitors

7.2.8       Oclaro Announces 100G PAM4 EML Chips

7.2.9       Oclaro Samples 1310nm DFB-MZ PICs

7.2.10     Oclaro Announces 400G QSFP56-DD Transceiver

7.2.11     Oclaro Develops Suite of L-Band Optical Solutions

7.2.12     Acacia Communications Ships First Pluggable Coherent 100G CFP Module

7.2.13     NASA and LeoSat Sign Development Deals for Laser Satellite Links

7.2.14     VPIphotonics and CST Partner on Integrated Photonic Circuits

7.2.15     Inphi Announces 400Gbps PAM4 Platform

7.2.16     Infinera Expands Optical Engine Family

7.2.17     MACOM Launches L-PIC-enabled CWDM4 TOSA

7.2.18     Finisar Launches Coherent Optical Assembly Family

7.2.19     MACOM Expands 28 Gbps TIA Portfolio

7.2.20     Luxtera Announces TSV-enabled Silicon Photonics Performance Increases

7.2.21     MACOM and ColorChip Announce 100G Single-lambda QSFP28 Module

7.2.22     MACOM Launches Quad-Channel 64G Linear Modulator Driver Die

7.3     Other

7.3.1       Sofradir Develops VGA SWIR Detector for Industrial Imaging

7.3.2       US Army Scientists Use InAsSb To Make IR Sensors

7.3.3       POET Announces Co-Packaging Platform for Electronics And Optics

7.3.4       imec Announces Snapscan Hyperspectral Imaging Camera

7.3.5       PIX4life Develops SiN PICs

7.3.6       CST Global Expands Product Portfolio.

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