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Optical Transceiver Forecast 2012-2017

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Report Summary:

Data consumption continues to grow dramatically. Mobile data has captured the headlines with estimates indicating a growth rate that will result in almost a doubling of data every year. Even with this impressive growth rate, mobile data will is forecast to make up slightly less than 10% of the total by 2016, The balance of this data, representing Internet, broadband, enterprise and video applications will be carried by fiber optic transport networks. In many instances, even the mobile data will enter the fiber transport network at some point in its journey. As a result, network operators and system manufacturers are quickly ramping efforts to increase the capacity of existing networks in response to the tidal wave of demand. After a period of uncertain demand, we believe the optical transceiver market is poised for strong growth.
Table of Contents

  • Highlights
  • Transceiver Data
  • InP Data
  • GaAs Data
  • Silicon Data
  • Total Process Data
  • <10Gbps Data
  • 40Gbps Data
  • 100Gbps Data
  • Ch_Capacity Bar
  • Ch_Capacity_Line
  • Ch_Qty_InP
  • Ch_Value_InP
  • Ch_Qty_GaAs
  • Ch_Value_GaAs
  • Ch_Qty_Si
  • Ch_Value_Si
  • Ch_Qty_
  • Ch_Value_
  • Ch_Qty_40Gbps
  • Ch_Value_40Gbps
  • Ch_Qty_100Gbps
  • Ch_Value_100Gbps
  • Ch_Qty_Total
  • Ch_Value_Total

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