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The European Drive to Ban 'Dirty' Cars

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Report Summary:

European urban planners and policymakers are leading a growing global movement to ban polluting automobiles from city centers and other environmentally sensitive districts to create more space for pedestrians and reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) gases. This report covers these efforts in detail and links them to the potential for expansion of car sharing services, particularly EV car sharing, in the European market.
Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. City Overviews
    1. London
    2. Paris
    3. Madrid
    4. Brussels
    5. Oslo
  3. Other Cities/Countries
    1. The Netherlands
    2. Ireland
    3. Athens
    4. Copenhagen
    5. Rome
    6. Milan
  4. Vehicle Euro Standards
  5. Implications
  6. How Can We Help You?

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