Powertrain_Body_Chasis&SafetyPowertrain, Body, Chassis & Safety

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Author: Ed Sanchez
Co Author: Kevin Mak
Publication Date: Sep 24 2019
Pages: 72
Report Type: Report, Word
Powertrain, Body, Chassis and Safety

Automotive Cameras – Regulations, Consumers Demand and New Applications Drive Growth

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Report Summary:

Demand growth in automotive cameras is forecast to grow significantly over the next 3-5 years even as overall automotive sales are flat or in slight decline in many regions. Trends driving this growth include new safety mandates coming into effect in Europe, growing interest and attention in the area of driver monitoring, and growing consumer interest in surround-view camera systems. 

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
    1. Global OE Automotive Camera Demand
  2. Introduction
  3. Definitions & Notes
  4. Legislative/Regulatory Developments
    1. Europe
    2. Japan
    3. North America
    4. South Korea
  5. Camera Performance/Requirements
    1. Wider Fields of View
    2. Higher Resolutions
    3. Faster Frame Rates
    4. Higher Dynamic Range
    5. LED Flicker Mitigation
    6. Global Shutters
      1. OmniVision OV2311
      2. STMicro VG5661, VG5761
  6. New Application Developments
    1. Front Windshield Camera Developments
      1. Audi A8 Active Suspension System
      2. JLR Range Rover Evoque ClearSight Ground View
    2. Machine Vision Beyond Front Vision
    3. Mirror-Replacement Camera
    4. Drive Recording
      1. Citroën ConnectedCAM
      2. Cadillac Drive Recorder
      3. Tesla Dashcam and Sentry Mode
      4. Hyundai Drive Recording System
      5. BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0
    5. Driver Monitoring
      1. Jabil eyeSight Technologies Collaboration
      2. Continental Road and Driver Camera
      3. Valeo Driver Monitoring
      4. XPERI Driver Monitoring System
      5. Volvo Driver Monitoring Announcement
      6. Subaru DriverFocus
    6. Micro-Washer
      1. Continental
      2. dlhBOWLES
      3. Ficosa
      4. Valeo
    7. New Camera Applications
    8. New Camera Concepts
      1. Fraunhofer facetVISION Micro-Lens
    9. Corning Varioptic
    10. Chronocam Becomes Prophesee
      1. Event-Based Vision
  7. Notable Vendor Activities
    1. Ambarella
    2. Intel/Mobileye
    3. Sharp (Foxconn)
    4. TriEye
    5. ZF
  8. Vendor Hardware Updates
    1. Image Processor Vendors
      1. Ambarella
      2. GEO Semiconductor
      3. ON Semiconductor
      4. Melexis
      5. Panasonic
      6. Renesas
      7. STMicro
      8. Sony
      9. OmniVision
      10. Videantis
    2. Camera Vendors
      1. Panasonic
      2. Sony
      3. Samsung
      4. ZF
      5. Other Vendors
  9. Forecast
    1. Volumes By Region
    2. Penetration By Region
    3. Volumes By Application
    4. Parking (Total)
    5. Parking (With Backup Camera)
    6. Parking (Surround View)
    7. Split between Backup and Surround View
    8. Distance Warning
    9. Blindspot
    10. LDWS
    11. Interior/Drowsiness
    12. Adaptive Front Lighting (AFS)
    13. Night Vision
    14. Other Applications
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