Author: Kevin Mak

Publication Date: May 28 2013

Pages: 83

Report Type: Report, Word

 Powertrain, Body, Chassis and Safety

LED Headlights Styling Drives Growth Control and Cost Challenges Remain

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Report Summary:

High brightness LEDs are increasingly being adopted in new vehicle headlight designs. Attractive visual styling flexibility afforded by LED designs is getting consumer and OEM attention while also enhancing energy efficiency and enabling additional lighting functionality. This report looks into the growth potential for LED headlight demand. It highlights strategies being adopted by vendors to overcome the cost and complexity challenges they currently face. Included in the report is a market forecast for LED headlights, a directory of existing car models LED headlights deployment, and a brief analysis of future technologies that could compete against LED. Some 14M vehicles fitted with LED headlights are expected to be produced in 2020, with a mass market entry scenario of around 24M vehicles.

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