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Ridesharing Frequency and Future Vehicle Purchase Intention of Current Vehicle Owners

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Report Summary:

Strategy Analytics surveyed current vehicle owners in the US, Europe, and China to investigate their current usage of ridesharing and its subsequent impact on the likelihood that they would be purchasing another personal vehicle within the next five years. Millennials with no children were less likely to purchase a vehicle compared to respondents with children. However, greater usage of ridesharing corresponded with a greater likelihood of purchasing a vehicle.

Table of Contents

1.       Executive Summary

2.       Introduction and Methodology

2.1     Methodology

3.       Ridesharing Usage

3.1     US

3.2     Europe

3.3     China

4.       Vehicle Purchase Intention

4.1     US

4.2     Europe

4.3     China

5.       Conclusions

6.       Analyst Contacts

7.       Respondent Profile

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