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Gateway Module Market Outlook 2018 - 2027: Evolving Vehicle Architectures to Dictate Performance Focused Requirements

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Report Summary:

The use of gateway modules has grown in line with the growing complexity of vehicle electronics, and this will serve to increase global penetration of gateway modules to almost 100% by 2027. Several factors are coalescing to push gateway module processing requirements towards SoC-based compute capabilities, which will serve to drive the total associated semiconductor market to almost $2.5 billion.
Table of Contents

1.       Executive Summary

2.       Introduction

2.1     Methodology

3.       Gateway Modules

3.1     Introduction

3.2     Gateway Module Trends

3.2.1       SoC-based Computing

3.2.2       The Ethernet Backbone

3.2.3       Securing the Gateway Module

3.2.4       Hypervisors

3.2.5       Software Platforms

3.3     Gateway Module Semiconductor Breakdown

4.       Gateway Module Supply Chain

4.1     Gateway Module Suppliers

4.1.1       Aptiv, USA

4.1.2       Bosch, Germany

4.1.3       Continental, Germany

4.1.4       Denso, Japan

4.1.5       FEV Europe Group, Germany

4.1.6       HiRain Technologies, China

4.1.7       Hitachi Automotive Systems, Japan

4.1.8       Huawei, China

4.1.9       Lear, USA

4.2     Gateway Module Semiconductor Suppliers

4.2.1       Broadcom, USA

4.2.2       Infineon, Germany

4.2.3       Marvell, USA

4.2.4       NXP, The Netherlands

4.2.5       Renesas, Japan

4.2.6       STMicroelectronics, Italy

4.2.7       Texas Instruments, USA

4.3     Cybersecurity Solution Providers

4.3.1       Arilou

4.3.2       GuardKnox

4.3.3       SafeRide

5.       Gateway Module Market Outlook

5.1     Gateway Module Penetration

5.2     Gateway Module Market and Shipments

5.3     Gateway Module Semiconductor Demand

5.3.1       Gateway Module Processor Market

5.3.2       Gateway Module Transceiver Market

5.4     Vehicle Architectures and the Gateway Module

6.       Conclusions and Implications

7.      How Can We Help You?

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